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From: Shawn Alan <photophlow_at_meteoritecentral.com>
Date: Wed, 26 Sep 2012 07:16:40 -0700 (PDT)
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Hello Listers

I know this topic has been reworked and then some but this is what I think.
I am not a hunter yet :) ( Being in NYC isnt the best place to hunt on land)
but from what I gather is this from the BLM "law" for the casual collector
that finds and "meteorite"

Casual Collection:??Meteorites may be casually collected (i.e., free
and without a permit), pursuant to BLM?s regulations at 43 CFR 8365.1-5. In
accordance with those regulations:
????* Collection of meteorites is limited to certain public lands. Public lands
closed to casual collection include: developed recreation sites, certain units
of the National Landscape Conservation System, areas excluded from casual
collection in a Land Use Plan such as an Area of Critical Environmental Concern
(ACEC) or a wilderness area, and areas closed by supplemental regulations;
????* Individuals are limited to collecting what can be easily hand-carried, up to
a maximum of ten pounds of meteorites per individual, per year;
????* Only surface collection of meteorites using non-motorized and non-mechanical
equipment is allowed (metal detectors may be used); and
????* Casually-collected meteorites are for personal use only, and may not be
bartered or sold for commercial purposes.


Well lets say I find a meteorite :) on BML land.... I give it to a friend for free. Now that I gave it to them,
they can do what ever they want with the meteorite :) its out of my hands and now its no longer in
the restrictions of the BML rules on meteorite collecting. If they want, they can sell it, keep it, or donate it.

Now to the second problem. Let say you find a 20lbs stony meteorite, well you break it up and have 2 friends come with
you and then you piece it back together :). For those of you that like to keep meteorite whole, so be it, but I see that
having it whole does nothing but keep it in one place and not having it be shared with all the meteorite collectors. But if its an iron,
well thats a different story and and I guess you?put it back in the dirt and hide it?and get a permit or bring a saw :)

At any rate these new laws, rules, regulations make it harder to find meteorites and in the long run can harm the advancement of science. If anything, I think BML
could implement if you find a meteorite on the land, at least 10% of the find has to be donated to that state, which could be allocated to universities, school or museums. I think that would be a win win and would guaranty the continual study of meteorites and how they made made us :)

Shawn Alan
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[meteorite-list] New BLM Rules - Update - Arizona
Jim Wooddell jimwooddell
at gmail.com
Mon Sep 24 19:07:45 EDT 2012
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I've been working on understanding the new BLM rules all day
and have
some information to share....
I am ONLY speaking about Arizona
and what I gathered today after
several conversations with the BLM.

1. Institutions like ASU, NAU, UofA can apply for permits on a
statewide level in the name of Science to gather fresh falls where the
hunters would be "giving", not trading
meteorites from fresh falls. This
would be done in advance and
hunters supporting the instititions, not for
profit, would not be
delayed because of the permits.

2. Permits are
going to take anywhere from 60 to 185 days to complete
for profit seekers.

3. At this time, ok to hunt meteorites at Franconia in the Warm
Spring Wilderness based on current Land Use Plans.

Now, this is
all subject to change. I specifically talked about the
statewide permits and
it sounded like this would not be any problem.
It would take the Meteoritic
departments to do this if they would be
willing. I sure hope they do look
into this and do it.

4. Hunters that sell meteorites (dealers) will have
to go through the
permit process.

I am sure, More to come...

Jim Wooddell 
jimwooddell at 
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