[meteorite-list] Another almost overlooked meteorite - USA this time (DATIL)

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Hello Mendy and all,

I'd also like to express my public congratulations to Michael.? It's a very rare
occurrance when a meteorite hunter tracks down a fall and is the first person to
lay eyes on a meteorite, although it is expected to be more common now with the
aid of Doppler radar.? As to be expected, most of the time a local resident
picks up the first meteorite.? I believe that there are only a half dozen or so
occurrances in the US where?a meteorite hunter has tracked down a fall and
discovers the first stone.? Sorry if I missed someone. For US falls, I have the

2012, Battle Mountain, NV?- Bob Verish (w/ Doppler)
2012, Sutter's Mill, CA?- Robert Ward (w/ Doppler)
2009, Whetstone Mountains, AZ?- Jack Schrader
2007, Datil, NM?- Michael Cottingham
1980, Richland Springs, TX?- John Williams
1970, Lost City, OK?- Gunther Schwartz
1898, Saline, KS?(find of fall?) - S.A. Sutton

Congratulations to all you hunters of fresh falls.? You belong to a special

All the best,


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Congrats to Rob Lenssen on NWA 7449.

I also wanted to give a shout-out to Michael Cottingham who has the
following story on the DATIL meteorite listed on eBay:
"This is one that I have been working on for a number of years.
Classification is complete and information has been submitted to the
Meteoritical Bulletin for approval. It has been submitted as a witnessed
fall, because I have spent over 500 hours of hunting and using witness
interviews and video footage from Sandia National Laboratory to find the
witnessed fall from September 13th, 2007. This is very rugged and empty
country. Witnesses were few, but enough to narrow it down. I started hunting
for this 3 months after the reported fall, and found my first individual on
April 11, 2010. The weathering grade of W0 is significant because it is more
than likely it is from the fireball of September 13th, 2007. Below is the
official information submitted. It is up to the committee to determine if it
will be a fall or a find. However, with a weathering grade of "0", it is a
very fresh meteorite regardless."

You can see this beautiful L6-melt breccias (not yet listed in the MetBul)
here: http://bit.ly/OVKZgf

This really is a gorgeous meteorite and wanted our community to see it.
Here is my slice:http://bit.ly/PpmyDJ



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