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Let's see.....
first, in June when the nurses got to me, I was found to have only 10%
of lungs working. It was a toss-up if an ambulance could get here and
back to Hosp before I died. Nurses voted to take me in their van....it
was quicker by almost 5 minutes.
Don't remember the next 3 days. now I'm on O2 maybe the rest of my life.
July was spent on recovering from OLDmonuia.
second, first week of Aug, pancreas enzimes levels went nuts (10 to 21
times normal) with 3 gall stones blocking exit had to have gall bladder
removal surgery. They started Lapro, but cut an artery in half so
changed to full blown open chest (10 inches) to find and stop blood
flow. somehow the VA managed to loose a $6000 hearing aid, but they
will replace it this coming Fri. with right and left new ones
as hearing has deteriorated to just several % remaining in each ear. The
new ones will be twice as powerful as the old ones were.
Also in Aug, the a tornado chase mobile (light bar and all) died on the
way to pick up new van. payments plus insurance has left me with the
grand sum of $2.92 a month to eat on so now I hit the food bank every
Other than all this good stuff going on, hows yall doing??
This is why I dropped off the grid.
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