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Hi Mendy,

Yes, NWA 7731 crust is quite fresh. The standard weathering grades for
ordinary chondrites based on the oxidation of iron-nickel-metal is
somewhat problematic for the most unequilibrated of the 3-subtypes
because the matrix is actually a very fine opaque mixture of sulfur
and iron that is hard to characterize for degree of weathering. In the
meantime, since it was classified, we have done oxygen isotopes on the
bulk sample and they are very heterogeneous (some actually plot on the
TFL) as one would expect based on the earlier work on Semarkona. There
has been ion probe and Raman done at Hawaii and some of this will be
reported at the 2014 LPSC -- I'll post the abstract when they are
published later this January. There is some indication that
extraterrestrial aqueous alteration has affected the matrix -- but
even Semarkona has some of this type of aqueous alteration. Subtypes
<3.00 ( like L2.9 etc.) are not used in OC even though some aqueous
alteration might be present. A while back Hutchison et al. (1987)
proposed that Semarkona is in fact LL2, but it doesn't seem like that
idea ever caught on.

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On Fri, Dec 20, 2013 at 10:13 AM, Mendy Ouzillou <ouzillou at yahoo.com> wrote:
> Wow Darryl, that slice of NWA7731 is amazing. I vaguely recall a discussion on the list regarding this L3.00, but do not recall the weathering. Based on the description in the MetBull it is hard to ascertain the actual weathering grade. From the picture of the crust in the listing, it looks pretty fresh.
> Hoping Carl can jump in and provide some insights and hoping I have not asked this vaguely familiar question before.
> Mendy Ouzillou
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>>Hi Folks!
>>Hoping you're well.
>>Select auctions ending late this afternoon ? all with no reserve:
>>NWA 7731 - subtype 3.00 - along with Semarkona (which is untouchable) this is THE most primitive, unequilibrated planetary material that exists?and it's a complete slice!
>>NWA 5717 - subtype 3.05 - two edges of fusion crust along with a rare dark inclusion;
>>TISSINT - two edges sides of fusion crust;
>>VALERA - the only meteorite known to have killed an animal;
>>KAINSAZ - rare CO3.2 witnessed fall;
>>NWA 7944 - a new, fresh Martian meteorite;
>>NWA 7214 - the freshest aubrite obtainable (W0/W1) that is not a witnessed fall;
>>Good luck and Happy Holidays!
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