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Hi Listees, Type Collectors, and Micromount Hoaders,

Merry Christmas or Happy Holiday of your choice. I prefer Festivus,
and let us now begin the Feats of Strength. But I digress...

I have just completed my annual inventory of micromounts. This is
where I go through my cabinet with a fine-tooth comb and see exactly
what I have. As of this writing, I have 97 different micromounts
available, including 23 falls, 74 finds, and 37 different petrologic

Below is a complete list of what I have available. A link to the
micromounts section of my website is also below. As always, use
coupon code "metlist" at checkout for 20% off your entire order.

Meteorite Micromounts

Pick 5 Micromounts for $30! -

Lot of 28 Different Micromounts -

Lot of 56 Different Micromounts -

Lot of 84 Different Micromounts -


Abee (EH4-Melt, fall, Canada)
Allende (CV3, fall, Mexico)
Bassikounou (H5, fall, Mauritania) - currently out of stock.
Buzzard Coulee (H5, fall, Canada)
Carancas (H4-5, fall, Peru)
Chelyabinsk (LL5, fall, Russia)
Chergach (H5, fall, Mali)
Gao Guenie (H5, fall, Burkina Faso)
Holbrook (L/LL6, fall, Arizona)
Jilin (H5, fall, China)
Katol (classification pending, fall, India)
Kunya Urgench (H5, fall, Turkmenistan)
Kuznetzovo (L6, fall, Russia)
Mount Tazerzait (L5, fall, Niger)
Murchison (CM2, fall, Australia)
New Orleans (H5, fall, Louisiana)
Ouadangou (L5, fall, Burkina Faso)
Oued El Hadjar (L3.8, fall, Morocco)
Park Forest (L5, fall, Illinois)
Peekskill (H6, fall, New York)
Queen's Mercy (H6, fall, South Africa)
Soko-Banja (LL4, fall, Serbia)
Sulagiri (LL6, fall, India)
Tissint (Martian shergottite, fall, Morocco)
Varre Sai (L5, fall, Brazil)
Weston (H5, fall, Connecticut)
Zag (H3-6, fall, Morocco)


Al-Haggounia 001 (EL3, find, Morocco)
Amherst (L6, find, Nebraska)
Arcadia (LL6, find, Nebraska)
Bendego (iron, find, Brazil)
Benthullen (L6, find, Germany)
Bondoc (mesosiderite B4, find, Philippines)
Campo del Cielo (iron, find, Argentina)
Canyon Diablo (iron, find, Arizona)
Cocklebiddy (H5, find, Australia)
Cook 001 (H5, find, Australia)
D'Orbigny (angrite, find, Argentina)
Davy(a) (L4, find, Texas)
Dhofar 125 (acapulcoite, find, Oman)
Dimmitt (H3.7, find, Texas)
Elenovka (L5, find, Ukraine)
Etter (L5, find, Texas)
Foster (H4, find, Texas)
Glover Bluff (impact breccia, Wisconsin)
Happy Canyon (EL6/7, find, Texas)
Hope Creek (LL6, find, Alaska)
Huckitta (pallasite, find, Australia)
Jbilet Winselwan (CM2, find, Mauritania)
Juanita de Angeles (H5, find, Mexico)
Korra Korrabes (H3, find, Namibia)
KT Boundary (impact deposit, Denmark)
Lanton (iron, find, Missouri)
Leedey (L6, find, Oklahoma)
Lone Island Lake (iron, find, Canada)
Long Island (L6, find, Kansas)
McCracken (H4/5, find, Kansas)
Muonionalusta (iron, find, Sweden)
Nantan (iron, find, China)
NWA 285 (provisional)
NWA 528 (H4)
NWA 791 (provisional)
NWA 806 (LL4)
NWA 869 (L4-6)
NWA 926 (H4)
NWA 960 (H/L/LL3)
NWA 978 (R3.8)
NWA 1947 (L4)
NWA 2779 (L5)
NWA 3118 (CV3)
NWA 4301 (enstatite-ungrouped)
NWA 5437 (L/LL3.5)
NWA 5490 (L3.7)
NWA 6080 (LL4)
NWA 6289 (LL4)
NWA 6634 (L5)
NWA 6868 (LL6)
NWA 6925 (L3.15)
NWA 6950 (Lunar gabbro)
NWA 6953 (mesosiderite)
NWA 7122 (L4)
NWA 7192 (LL4)
NWA 7641 (mesosiderite)
NWA 7676 (LL3.5)
NWA 7824 (mesosiderite)
Roundtop(b) (H4, find, Texas)
Sahara 99676 (L6, find, Morocco)
SAU 001 (L5, find, Oman)
Seymchan (pallasite, find, Russia)
Sudbury (impact ore deposit, Canada)
UNWA (unclassified, find)
Uruacu (iron, find, Brazil)
Vaca Muerta (mesosiderite, find, Chile)
Vyatka (H4, find, Russia)
Wagon Mound (L6, find, New Mexico)
Wanapitei (impact breccia, Canada)
Warm Springs Wilderness (H4-6, find, Arizona)
Winner (L3.9, find, South Dakota)
Winona (winonaite, find, Arizona)
Wolf Creek (iron, find, Australia)
Ybbsitz (H4, find, Austria)

Trinitite (Atom Bomb Glass) Specimens and Displays -

Thanks for looking and have a great weekend!


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