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From: André Moutinho <moutinho_at_meteoritecentral.com>
Date: Fri, 20 Dec 2013 21:39:52 -0200
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Hello Mike and list,

I have been on the field twice and could not find more stones. Also
rocks mailed by local people for inspection were not meteorites. Still
working with locals but no luck until now. The location has much
vegetation (banana and sugar cane plantation) and very hard to search.

The only recoverey stone classification is in good hands now. The
classifiers are Dra. Zucolotto and Klaus Klein (former UNM meteorite
collection curator and main Apolo program lunar rock scientist!). Also
samples of the meteorite were also sent to a consortium of competent
researchers for a multitude of tests and analyses: cosmic rays (Dr.
Kees Welter, Berkeley), noble gases (Rainer Wieler, Switzerland), INAA
(John Wasson, UCLA), oxygen isotope (Richard Greenwood, Open
University) and M?ssbauer work (Rosa Scorzelli, CBPF).

I dont like to speculate about classification but it MAY be a ordinary
chondrite, but of very low metamorphic grade. This will make this
meteorite very valuable, mainly scientific, because low metamorphic
fresh falls of ordinary chondrites are very rare! But please wait for
the final study result and classification.

A full recovery story is scheduled to be availabe on first 2014 issue
of Meteorite Magazine but a short description and few pictures can be
found here:
Few material will be available very soon so email me if you are interested.


On 12/19/13, Michael Farmer <mike at meteoriteguy.com> wrote:

> No, that is real, there was a garbage dump fall that was totally fake.

> Sadly both the Colombian fall and the Namibian fall vanished into thin air,

> likely never to be seen, like the Honduras fall last year, gone forever.

> Overall 2013 was a crappy fall year, in collections only Chelyabinsk

> available. The German fall is being hoarded, the Connecticut fall is sold I

> one collector, Brazil who knows what is happening, the rest seem to be

> lost.


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