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Date: Mon, 23 Dec 2013 22:54:38 -0500
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I wanted to address this post and agree with others and their comments
that they are not concern about this data.

My website went from a 2 to a 0 because I have been preoccupied with
taking care of a relative and removed the website for the time being,
over a year (so as not to waste people's time when I was not on). It
has nothing to do with padding the numbers in my case (I have a
webmaster that takes care of things and doesn't do that sort of thing)

It also has nothing to do with any wrong doing, virus problems, illegal
content. While I am not concerned about ranking, when people post these
type of items here then have to defend my business and good name. I've
spent too much time doing things right to allow anyone to think this
numbers game is anything but that and efforts by others to look like
the knights in shiny armor, why else would they post?

I've got good customers who know me and tend to buy from me with out
all the website glare. It's why I have been in the business for 25
years now.

If you have any concerns please email me off list.

--AL Mitterling
Mitterling Meteorites
25 years in the Meteorite business

Quoting Galactic Stone & Ironworks <meteoritemike at gmail.com>:

mitterling.com - 2 (0)

The reasons for a PR-0 are many, but it's usually a punishment handed
down by Google for sites that are caught cheating the PR system, or
for sites that are deemed to contain dangerous or illegal content.
Dangerous content can include viruses, malware, or links to sites
known for viruses or malware. Another reason for PR-0 is a website
being brand new and unknown on the web. Since none of these websites
are new, we can only assume their PR was penalized for some reason.

The PR-0 club is not a good place to be. It knocks your website down
in the search results and hurts your overall traffic. But, it's not a
permanent dungeon and sites can pull themselves out of the PR-0 hole.
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