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Dear Zelimir and list members,

>>>> Main theme: ?METEORITES FROM ANTARCTICA? <<<<<
What an excellent idea!
Follow the Antarctic expedition with Vinciane Debaille and her colleagues here:


Happy hunting!
Best regards,
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 (January 26, 2013)
 Dear meteorite friends & Meteorite-Central List
 Please find here the preliminary news concerning the 14th edition of
 our meteorite show ?Ensisheim-Meteorite 2013?, expecting this will
 reach you in time before you start the next ?Tucson blast? where most
 of you who live ?overseas? (and from the vast world as well) will
 gather soon.
 This info completes the official flyer that will be ready in a couple
 of weeks and that I will be glad to forward you individually, upon
 Further show details will be also sent to the List in a couple of
 months, as every year. Here are just the main changes useful for those
 wishing to book tables and foresee specific arrangements.
 Saturday June 22 (9:30-18:00) and Sunday June 23 (9:30-16:00), 2012
 (the weekend preceding the ?Mineral & Gem? show that is held in Ste
 Marie-aux-Mines, relatively nearby (~ 80 km), with Friday June 21 as
 the ?dealer?s day?).
 Exceptionally this year, THE SHOW LOCATION MUST BE CHANGED!
 Indeed, the famous Regency Palace which is the usual and unavoidable
 place to set the show, is subject to heavy works that unfortunately
 will not be completed by the due date.
 While the external buildings are expected to be reconditioned, the
 interior halls will by no means be accessible in June: all the rooms
 and corridors will be restored and repainted while an elevator (lift)
 will be built so as to facilitate the rise and handling of your heavy
 meteorite boxes in future. (Hey, never worry, the famous medieval
 spiral staircase will stay untouched).
 Naturally in 2014, for the 15th Anniversary of the show coinciding
 with the 30th Anniversary of the Confraternity of Guardians creation,
 a brand renovated Regency Palace will welcome you again!
 For 2013 (only) we have obtained another separate building called
 ?FOYER St MARTIN?, which is located quite close (about 350 m) to the
 Regency palace, and just separated from the ?Domaine du Moulin? hotel
 by the main street (distance ~150 m).
 You can find the place, the building picture and the access map in the
 following link:
 The ?Foyer? consists in one large 18.6 x 12 meter room, resembling the
 Regency main hall, though larger.
 The usual 160x80 cm tables will be arranged similar to the Regency
 arrangement, namely all around the walls and also arranged in a
 ?middle square?.
 The daylight basically comes from the glass ceiling, and will provide
 a uniform illumination (personal lighting is always allowed). This
 means that the characteristics (light etc) of every place in the hall
 will be practically the same.
 A small bar, dressing room, telephone room, restrooms ? are adjacent
 to the main hall.
 Opposite the entry is a podium accessible from both hall sides by 2
 staircases. The podium will host the genuine Ensisheim meteorite in
 its display window, the thematic exhibit (Meteorites from Antarctica ?
 see below) and the consignment room, all visible from the main floor.
 3 doors on the west side lead to a large terrace (18x8 m) where at
 least 4 tents will be erected, each containing 4 dealer tables.
 The terrace itself adjoins a large park providing all the usual
 facilities (tables for food, leisure, snacks, tent for dinner party,
 enthroning ceremonies, Friday friendly drink, every day drinks, music,
 beverage bars, dance?).
 In fact, all what was set on the Regency main square will be shifted
 to that park next to the ?Foyer? terrace.
 The other advantage of the park is presence of TREES that could be a
 welcome protection against the hot June sunlight.
 In summary, the whole show and all its usual accessories are shifted
 by 350 m from the Regency palace buildings, totally condemned during
 works. The usual restaurants (e.g. ?Boeuf Rouge?) are of course
 permanently open.
 Friday June 21st is the "DEALER?S DAY" devoted for tables/booth set
 up. The Foyer room and tents are exclusively open to dealers (14:00 -
 18:00), and NOT to the public. Gathering in the park is scheduled for
 everybody (dealers & invited) for 18:15 when the enthroning ceremonies
 followed by the traditional friendly drink start.
 The total number of tables remains limited to about 55. (about 45-50 dealers).
 Price is per table, NOT per meter: unchanged since many years
 (recalled in the future flyer).
 Just write me! (mail is the most reliable contact, phone being not
 My mail remains unchanged:
 ?Zelimir? <Zelimir.Gabelica at uha.fr>
 All former dealers have full priority to reserve their last year
 table(s). More precisely, for 2013, this reservation concerns the
 NUMBER of tables, not their precise LOCATION.
 Indeed, you guess that the table allocation, as set in the Regency
 palace, will be substantially perturbed (though I?ll try to roughly
 follow their traditional array).
 The main hall will now contain more tables than the Regency main hall,
 while some of the dealers previously located in the adjacent Regency
 rooms will be relocated either within the main room or in the terrace
 For now, I recommend EVERYBODY reserves again ASAP their tables
 (please specify the total number of tables and the names of ALL
 persons occupying the said table (ideally max. 2 persons per table).
 For now, thus before we arrange the floor plan, just specify where you
 prefer to be located: MAIN HALL or TENTS.
 Bear in mind that a tent contains 4 tables so it is preferred you
 arrange in advance with other people wishing to share with you the
 same tent so as to reserve in total 4 tables, not more, not less.
 Without such arrangements the organizers reserve the right to
 attribute the layout of places (in tents and in the hall) in the most
 convenient way so as to meet as many wishes as possible.
 Important for table attribution: as always, ?first come, first served?.
 Those who did not yet send their traditional "hello, please can you
 reserve my ?x? tables", are urgently encouraged to confirm (or cancel)
 their reservation.
 As per today, nothing is reserved so far for anyone so from now on,
 the reservations can start!
 It is also better to hurry to reserve if you want to come again, as we
 already have newcomers on a waiting list!
 The traditional FRIDAY DINNER PARTY starts at 20:00 inside the large
 tent set in the park.
 This party is now becoming UNAVOIDABLE (meaning it is more than recommended).
 It is there that folks from all around the vast world meet, eat and
 drink (more info to be forwarded later) but also make friends, set
 business, start deals?.
 Needless to say, everybody is warmly welcome!
 If you want to attend let me just know in due time the total number of
 guests attending so that we can fully meet all your commitments, needs
 and comfort. This reservation being a must, I will recall you this in
 due time.
 The SATURDAY DINNER (not official but strongly recommended to all
 participants) can either take part inside the large tent set in the
 park or ?anywhere else?.
 - In the park, either inside the tent or around the umbrella (or
 tree)-covered tables (about 6 chairs per table), you may order the
 current meals also served during the day, thus "tarte flamb?e",
 various snacks, cakes + "selected liquids", but also special show
 menus to be specified later.
 - Regarding ?anywhere else?, we specifically recommend the option that
 had met a significant success since some time: go to the restaurant
 "Le Boeuf Rouge" located ~250 m from the park where the meals are
 proposed as always "? la carte" at very friendly prices.
 Side theme: to be specified later.
 Then main theme implies an exhibit of meteorites from Antarctica.
 Should you have in collection some (yes, really?), this is a call for
 Anyway, the main exhibit will involve original Antarctica meteorite
 samples coming from the ?Free Brussels University? (ULB) collections,
 curated by Miss Vincianne DEBIENNE.
 Vincianne DEBIENNE, professor in geology in ULB, is right now heading
 an international expedition in Antarctica with the aim of, among other
 activities, collect meteorites!
 She will stay there for 2+ full months.
 From the news we currently receive from her ?life?, their collecting
 proved extremely fruitful. Most of the samples collected are being
 preliminary analyzed on site and will be further stored in Brussels on
 the return of the expedition, scheduled for mid February.
 Vincianne not only promised to exhibit in Ensisheim in premium the
 most interesting meteorite samples collected during the expedition
 team but kindly accepted to give us an extremely stimulating talk
 (slide-show) entitled:
 ?Search for Meteorites in Antarctica: an Expedition to the Ends of the Earth?
 The 4 traditional hotels will be mentioned in the flyer with full
 contact data. You can also browse through the Ensisheim web site:
 You can also use ?Ensisheim + meteorite? as keywords on ?Google? or alike.
 For memory, the nearest hotel is still the "Domaine du Moulin", the
 other options being ?Les Loges de l?Ecomus?e ?, the "Niemerich" hotel
 in Pulversheim and the "Cheval Blanc" in Baldersheim.
 Everybody must arrange for his own accommodation! If you call, they
 all do speak English and German
 All hotel data (phone, fax, e-mail, web sites) will be available on
 the flyer or are on the web. You can also contact me any time for
 With welcoming everybody to attend again (or for the first time) the
 14th in a row meteorite show in Ensisheim, the mythic world meteorite
 place, I am now looking forward to having news from many of you and
 remain at your disposal to provide you with any kind of additional
 My ever friendly wishes to everybody,
 Prof. Zelimir Gabelica
 Universit? de Haute Alsace
 3, Rue A. Werner,
 F-68093 Mulhouse Cedex, France
 Tel: +33 (0)3 89 33 68 94
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