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Greetings to all! to honor of Moroccans: nomads,finder and dealers the best name is MOROCCANITE


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Hello Martian guys
Nwa 7034 is a new type of Martian
It doesn't fit into snc groups
So it make sens to name it as a new group a
As I said morroconaite is a good one
Thus what I suggest in
Honor of nwa hunters
S schergotite
N nakhla
C chassiny
M morroconaite /Saharanite

This is not something we should argue about a new groups
need a new names SNCM

So who is giving names now !!!!
NASA or nomcom or who

I would realy that this be considered
BB was a nickname for black beauty
It was called so before dr carl agee analyse it
Than it become basaltic breccia what a coincidence

All the best


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