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Date: Thu, 04 Jul 2013 16:04:10 -0700
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Adam & all,
        Big Brother is here.

        As Adam pointed out, this IS highly related to meteorite
Collecting as it effects the behavior of meteorite hunters "in
The field" - and even in "the marketplace" and the question
As to whether they will be able to continue functioning with the
Liberty we used to enjoy in this country.

        Finally something "political" Adam and I agree on
Whole heartedly. And people are making jokes about this!

        This is the second biggest threat to "the American way" our
Country has faced in its existence.

(of course subversion of the democratic process and violations against the
anti-monopoly laws by "Big Business" {see supreme court decision allowing
Big Buisiness to contribute unlimited $ to finance campaigns of politicians
Because "corporations are people" and the fall of free enterprise through
Monopolization run amok). The conservative "hawk" Ike Eisenhower warned
Us about this, coining the term, "the military-industrial complex" (and that
Didn't directly address the even bigger monster, Big Oil {and coal})

        So, now that our government is controlled by big business and
The marketplace is controlled by big business, now WE, individually
Are being spied upon CONSTANTLY by big business AND "our own"
(it is really theirs, now) government!

        Lest you think this is "hooey" note that everywhere you go on the
web you may be addressed by your OWN NAME and told what you are
likely to want!

        Now every single communication of any electronic means is recorded.
        Ever since 9-11 the American people have been willing to give away
their freedom for the sake of (the perception of) safety. Who was it, Ben
Franklin? - one of the "founding fathers" who said (paraphrased) "anyone
willing to give up freedom for safety deserves neither."

         Someone on the list stated, " just accept it." Really?

        If every American on the list isn't deeply concerned about this,
what the hell are you celebrating today? - it is the 4th of July, the
Day we traditionally celebrate the "freedom" and "liberty" this country
Is SUPPOSED to be about.

        Many of us are in the Baby-boomer generation. Many of us were in the
vanguard of the anti-establishment movement that changed America's approach
to conformity (INTENSE in the 50s and early 60s), racism, gender
discrimination, sexual repression, fear of words (free speech), etc.
However, 'movements' and 'revolutions' (non-violent, hopefully) must be
conducted by "the people" and Big Business and political maneuvering
Continually distract us with the straw dogs of 'welfare,' 'taxes,' health
care, illegal immigration, and the like - as those were the "the problems"
Threatening "the people" when it is really Big Business and Governmental
Corruption (largely BY Big Business) that are THE problems we face. But
As long as they can keep us focused on the straw dogs (mentioned above),
We won't focus on THEM - the government/politicians, it/themselves and
On the subversive influence and manipulation of Big Busines.
        Instead, here we are, folks, with them focusing on US!

        How's it working for you so far? The old slowly boiled frog and the
guy who jumped out the window and someone on a lower floor of the
Skyscraper asks him, "how are you doing?" and he says, "so far, fine."
        Sorry folks, but it is hard for me to "celebrate" the 4th with our
country in the final struggle (but no one is struggling - most don't seem
To have a hint that it is happening) to preserve what the 4th of July

        The guy who outed this information should be given the highest
Civilian medal we have.... Right before he goes to prison for life for
Treason for giving other crucial information to other countries.

        Thank you, Adam, for pointing out how repressive a situation we are
Facing that even collecting meteorites has come under the ever watchful
Eye of Big Brother!

        Welcome to 1984,

On 7/4/13 12:33 AM, "Adam Hupe" <raremeteorites at yahoo.com> wrote:

> Programmers and I.T. personnel call this violation of rights "Electronic DNA"
> or ED for short.? A new vehicle's computer collects more ED (information)
> about your driving habits than a flight recorder does in a Boeing 747.? Wait
> until the Department of Licensing requires an Electronic DNA download from
> your car's computer in order for you to keep your driving privileges.?
> Insurance companies (Mainly Progressive) already have a modified flash drive
> that can be plugged right into your car and the data recovered will tell them
> what kind of driver you are so that they can adjust their rates to your
> driving skills.??
> As far as the meteorite hunter goes.? Many depend on Electronic DNA collecting
> devices like cell phones, car computers, home computers, GPS, FM
> communications with built-in ID tags and of course, their trusty new
> vehicles.? Do not conform and your Electronic DNA trail will be in place to
> hasten your conviction.
> It will not be long before the ED collecting devices will be there to testify
> against you if you are a nonconformist, excuse me I meant to say a normal
> person with a normal life who detests this invasion of privacy.
> Adam
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> From: Richard Montgomery <rickmont at earthlink.net>
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> Sent: Wednesday, July 3, 2013 7:24 PM
> Subject: What Don't Your Meteorite Pictures Tell Us
> Unfortunately, some less-informed people unaware of our passsion for
> meteorites are oblivious to the changing encroachment from "government" (wow
> that's an oxymoron) that Adam's recent post speaks to, that privacy breech
> affecting all of us already, with more to come.? Most of you know me (sort
> of) as Richard Montgomery, and I have a shortened alias on FB as Rick
> Bob.... which I have no doubt is already triangulated.
> Hi Bam, here's an unapproving wave at you...can you see me???? Duh.? Okay,
> yes.
> Meanwhile, this is reality. [Crap....I'm now reviewing my words for my life
> Has it really come to this???? YES!]
> Fortunately I have a strong resolve, a stellar knowledge of the US
> Constitution, a rigid backbone, a garden, worthy truck that can take me
> anywhere for now, and the rest is what it is.
> This List is about meteorites.? Adam's post is too.? All is a worthy
> discussion, regardless of which side of the political isle we live in.
> (Art, I understand your position, and agree to your worthy decision to stop
> any political discourse that morphs from here forward when it wavers.)
> It will be a crappy day when we all take cover from freely talking about
> meteorites.
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> From: "Adam Hupe" <raremeteorites at yahoo.com>
> To: "Adam" <meteorite-list at meteoritecentral.com>
> Sent: Tuesday, July 02, 2013 8:07 AM
> Subject: Re: [meteorite-list] What Your Meteorite Pictures Might Tell
> AboutYou
> Yep, a law enforcement or U.S. government servant's best friends are your
> cell phone, digital camera, online social profile and even your vehicle. All
> provide them with valuable data that can be used to win future elections or
> convictions. According to some of my friends in the know, it will not be
> long before your entire electronic profile is permanently stored on
> government computers now that they have the capacity to do so.
> Just remember this when you snap a picture of the latest meteorite find on
> BLM land and the Department of Interior comes after you for removing that
> 10.1 pound Lunar meteorite and selling it on eBay. If you are in a rental
> car, they will know that it has been taken off-road and fine you $500.00 for
> doing so since your rental agreement does not allow that beautiful fully
> loaded 4 wheel drive rig to be used for what it was designed for. You will
> provide them with more evidence with the images you post online which are
> now permanently attached to your electronic social profile.
> Many are sorry that they traded in their old capable cars with no built-in
> data reporting systems for a new vehicle that will record everything and
> report it to the thousands of data collection centers, batch the data and
> forward it to the proper authorities. The "Cash for Clunkers Program" was a
> success from a governmental standpoint now that millions of drivers can now
> be continually monitored in their new shiny rides. Try disabling one of
> these devices and it will render your vehicle useless and snitch you out the
> first chance it gets.
> Give me an old Jeep, a dumb camera and I will leave my Android cell phone at
> home. Big brother has arrived!
> Adam
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> From: Paul H. <inselberg at cox.net>
> To: "meteorite-list at meteoritecentral.com"
> <meteorite-list at meteoritecentral.com>
> Sent: Tuesday, July 2, 2013 5:00 AM
> Subject: [meteorite-list] What Your Meteorite Pictures Might Tell About You
> People, who take pictures, might not realize that
> smartphones, digital cameras often record all
> sorts data about how, when, and even where in
> some cases a picture was taken. Many cameras
> record this information as meta-data that is
> embedded in image files in a digital format called
> "Exif Metadata" as discussed in:
> Tools for Managing EXIF Data of your Images
> http://www.labnol.org/software/exif-data-editors/14210/
> Exchangeable image file format
> http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Exchangeable_image_file_format
> Also, the EXIF Data might record when and how it
> was modified depending on the software used.
> If you want to see want image data is embedded
> in yours or another person's picture, there are various
> Exif Viewers, both online and available as software
> that can be used to extract this data.
> Even if you are not interested in this data, there are
> people and companies that are examining the
> pictures that you and other people posted to the
> Internet using it for their own purposes. If you have
> a smart phone or camera with a built-in GPS, it is
> scary what people can find out you and where you
> have been.
> Some online Exif Viewers are:
> 1. ExifViewer.org - http://www.exifviewer.org/
> 2. Jeffrey's Exif viewer - http://regex.info/exif.cgi
> Yours,
> Paul H.
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