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Date: Fri, 5 Jul 2013 08:37:33 -0700 (PDT)
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That is interesting.? My father served this country his entire life achieving the rank of General in the U.S. Army when he was just 42 years old. He earned both the Legion of Merit and the Silver Cross among his too numerous to count other medals.? I grew up around military bases and had to move every four years so I am accustomed? to seeing military aircraft.? I lived a few miles from McChord Air Force base at one time. I flew in Hueys at the Yakima Firing Center in Washington (AT 79) where we roamed the desert that it is not all that much different than the desert here in Nevada.? We would not dream of buzzing a civilian if one were stupid enough to wander into this restricted area.? An MP would be dispatched to deal with the problem. The only weapons on board were rockets so we did not even have the ability to make a field arrest if somebody were stupid enough to enter the area.

One thing that my father made very clear is that military aircraft was not be used for civilian purposes or to interfere with the private sector.? He recalled Washington State National Guard helicopters in flight that the governor was using for site seeing purposes to entertain her friends.? This was shortly after the Mt. St. Helens eruptions.? He decided these assets were needed for rescue operations, not for the governor's personal use so he limited her to one helicopter.? He turned down Henry Winkler who wanted to be flown in a military aircraft during the Sea Fair festivities citing that a civilian who has not served this country has not earned the right to use military resources.? He basically told the Fonz he could "sit on it" during the height of his popularity on Happy Days.

F-18 jets buzzing civilians in the desert is no joking matter.? The fly by startled us so badly that somebody could have lost their footing and fell to their death.?

My father's favorite subject was world history.? I wish he were still around to advise me on all the idiocy I see or hear on a daily basis.??




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Hi List,

I had to dig a little deeper to investigate Adam's experience on the
hillside. I have a friend who works at Screech AFB. I contacted him to
go through the flight data recorders on the F 16's in Nevada. Here is
what he came up with out of Thunderjet 1. A lot of it is pretty garbled
but here is what he was able to interpret.

Vegas BLM office to Thunderjet 1. Thunderjet 1 to Vegas BLM office go
ahead. Thunderjet 1 we have reports of radio traffic in Sector 1. It is
possibly the meteorite men or that pesky meteorite hunter with his dog.
We want you to deviate from your current mission and go investigate. A
few seconds later. Thunderjet 1 to Vegas BLM office-
Vegas BLM to Thunderjet 1 go ahead.? Thunderjet 1- I have the vehicles
in sight. It appears they are armed with magnet sticks. Do you want me
to engage? Thunderjet 1 that is negative. We want you to fly around
inconspicuously and monitor them. Roger 10-4 Thunderjet 1 monitoring. A
few seconds later. Vegas BLM office Thunderjet 1-It appears one of the
people on hillside are waving or making an obscene gesture. Do you wish
for me to engage? Vegas office to Thunderjet 1-that is negative. We
want you to return to base. We have bigger chickens to fry. Copy-
Thunderjet 1 over and out.

All kidding aside, the Air Force jets have been buzzing people in rural
areas in Nevada for as long as I can remember. We have relatives in
Central and Northern Nevada who have experienced the jets flying so low
over their ranches that it shook their homes. We have witnessed C 130's
landing on dry lake beds (imagine the dust clouds) and military planes
flying at all hours. It is not uncommon to see the jets flying in
remote areas doing dog fights, sending out flares, etc. I think this is
something that us folks that have been in Nevada for several
generations have gotten used to.


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We were at least 40 miles away from the nearest military installation
that I
know of.? Maybe I misinterpreted the jet flyby but it looked deliberate
to me.
Possibly the pilot turned his head to watch the mountain side as he
blasted by
us. In any case, it startled our group while climbing a steep incline
somebody could have easily lost their footing and been injured so I
don't see
the humor in it.? We did not see or hear a jet all day and to have one
buzz our
exact location seems more than a coincidence to me.? The surrounding
rock was
hotter than our body heat so I am sure thermal imaging is not what gave
location away.?

It is all fun and games until all of your rights have been trampled on
vanished completely. If you think it is alright to have a government
spy on its
citizenship then you need to go back to school and learn history.? Our
fathers would be extremely upset by this who gives a crap attitude.?
People seem
to forget that the government is here to serve us and not the other way

We are loosing rights every day.? In the last 15 years I have seen over
half the
searchable land off limits or seriously restricted to meteorite
hunting. Pretty
soon, only private property will be available and that too will soon be
limits judging from the way a few meteorite hunters have treated
Just go to Kansas and ask how many farmers are willing to work with

If you don't see the problem, then you are part of it,


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Adam <meteorite-list at meteoritecentral.com>
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Are you sure? Obama has the BLM on his desktop speed dial waiting for
chance to order missiles free on meteorite hunters. He is tapped in by
computers to your wristwatches. You are only safe if you use an 1890s
or before
pocket watch.

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On Jul 4, 2013, at 8:45 PM, James Beauchamp <falcon99 at sbcglobal.net>

> LOL, seriously, if the pilot saw you guys and did a maneuver, it was
out of
showing off and fun.? Far from any malice.
> As a former aircrew guy, and recently retired from a 23 year air
force career,
I promise you they could care less about rock collectors.? There isn't
training time - especially in the last five years - to go around.? They
extremely busy trying to check the boxes - either test cards or the
school / Red Flag scenario at hand.? They are concentrating on the
mission, the
aircraft systems, and things in the air that [if not watched carefully]
can kill
them.? That list includes other airplanes, drones, birds, things
falling off the
airplane, engines a few degrees from alloy melting points, and
ridgelines that
like to smack pilots that don't pay attention.
> They have to do all this, and accomplish an over-loaded task list
with just
enough in the tanks to land with a couple of thousand pounds of reserve
> Like an over-tasked soccer mom with 1000 kids in the back of the
they are concentrating on much more serious things than people waling
around on
the desert floor? :)
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>> Date: Thursday, July 4, 2013, 10:08 PM
>> I've had jets fly low while meteorite
>> hunting and thought it was really cool... never thought
>> anything negative about it at all.
>> GregS
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>> The pilot of the F-18 really wasn't concerned about you, the
>> little specks on the ground.? Worse case, he was doing
>> his (or her) normal training route, saw some people and
>> decided to give you a small air show out of fun.? You
>> got a cool treat from an aviator, not a scare tactic.
>> They have enough on their plate monitoring the aircraft
>> systems and staying on schedule.? Posse commitatus is
>> still strongly enforced.
>> A lot of you are freaking out over non-existent
>> boogeymen.???What you should be asking
>> yourselves is what really led to the BLM policy.? As a
>> lurker on this list for a couple of years, I've noticed a
>> few of you, through your arrogance and willingness to
>> disregard existing laws and regulations, probably
>> contributed directly to the change.? Those of us trying
>> to take the high road have to suffer.
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>> On Jul 4, 2013, at 19:21, Adam Hupe <raremeteorites at yahoo.com>
>> wrote:
>>> One more thing of interest.
>>> Our group consisting of my wife, Zann von Hupe, Dr. Ted
>> Bumch and myself were literately in the middle of nowhere
>> here in Nevada on a mountain side and were buzzed by an F-18
>> jet.? The pilot turned the jet sideways, matched our
>> altitude and hit his afterburners just to let us know that
>> he knew we were there.? He flew so close to us that we
>> could see his helmet and face-shield as he turned his head
>> to get a better look at us.
>>> My question is; what device gave up our position?
>>> No, we were not doing anything wrong and Dr. bunch was
>> extremely angry about being buzzed so close because it
>> startled all us and we could have lost our footing on the
>> steep slopes.
>>> Adam
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