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Jim Wooddell wrote
"What has been a very cool experience is to be hunting
in Superior Valley and have them do an on deck fly over
while they try to catch the little target jets (t38s ???).
Very cool time out! Jim."
I did both archaeological surveys and later a couple
of years of geological mapping within Fort Polk in
Vernon Parish, Louisiana, and the Peason Ridge area
just north of it. I loved seeing the A-10 Thunderbolt II
"Warthog" flying, often on the deck, around. When
they did target practice in the Peason Ridge area, the
firing sounded like "War of the Wells" Martians were
coming. It was cool experience. Also, there were
eerily silent helicopters that flew by on maneuvers.
The really scary incident was a strange aerial vehicle
with two huge vertical lifting fans within it and
completely silent that literally floated over us one
day just above the tree tops . That vehicle was enough
to give me nightmares about "black helicopters."
There was never a dull day working in Fort Polk
and often weird stuff to observe. Of course, every
day started with the morning visit to Range Control
to find out where we could be and should not be.
Paul H.
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