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I feel sorry for the Reeds getting caught up in this mess when they were only trying to serve the collector community without any benefit for themselves.

The court clerk should be fired with this new young fresh out of college "too cool for school" attitude.? She then can sit at home, feed her pie-hole, collect entitlements and text her friends while our soldiers are protecting her freedom to do so.? That is all she seems capable of after landing a job she is obviously not qualified for.? She sure doesn't reflect very well on our legal system. Any fool can see that S.C.s manifesto came from a person that is not of sound mind.? She should have taken the initiative and put it in front of the reasonable judge before the problem escalated.? At least the judge seems to be in touch and put an end to this waste of
resources, tax payers' dollars and the grief it brought to the Reeds. Our legal system has more pressing issues like protecting it's citizens
rights and this garbage should have been filtered out before decent people were hurt.

Here in Nevada, a judge is not required to have a law degree and is elected by the community he or she serves. The Honorable Judge here in Laughlin won an election with no legal background whatsoever.? He is now serving his second term after beating his career opponent that has 30 plus years of law enforcement experience. He is one of the most reasonable persons I have met, believes in common sense and doesn't abuse power.? I have been in front of him in his courtroom for a traffic ticket and saw how quickly he could get through cases using common sense.? Don't lie to him and you can count on him listening to your side of the story and provide a fair outcome.? He also handles civil cases and marriages.? He used his lunch break to marry my wife and I at exactly 12-12-2012 at 12:12 pm.? He believes in serving his community.?? I wish politicians would think the same way.

Normal people with common sense is what is needed most these days,

Thank goodness, the Reeds can now move on after this ordeal.



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It? appears Mr. Curry has been busy of late. Poor Blaine, no good deed
goes unpunished.





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