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Date: Thu, 25 Jul 2013 13:31:36 +0930
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Hi Stuart,
why don't you simply block his email address so that his emails end up in
your deleted items folder and you not even see them?

What this guy would hate most is if we would all ignore him. Don't mention
his name, delete his postings, and for gods sake don't feed this troll.

Werner Schroer

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Subject: [meteorite-list] Fw: Contracts Curry

How do I stop this asshole from emailing me?? What is it with these

Stuart McDaniel
Lawndale, NC
IMCA #9052


From: Steve Curry
Sent: Wednesday, July 24, 2013 10:27 PM
To: Stollsteimer Robert
Subject: Contracts

Did you realize, that, your "Rights," should you wish to exercise them, all
have to do with "Contracts," AND; all "Contracts" are subject to "Service,"
"Agreement," and "Performance."
     For instance, my "alleged arrest," which occurred on January 26, 2102,
when I was issued a "Traffic Citation," as opposed to an "official"
"Warrant," which was I was forced to sign, by the Grand Junction Police
Department's "finest," "Investigative Detective," Officer Poitrowski, who
had 'pre-dated' this "Traffic Ticket" on October 1, 2011, a full, 90-Days
prior to it being "served," or "executed."
     Of interest, here, is that, Officer Poitrowski was not even assigned to
the case, until October 13, 2011, yet, he had no problems presenting this,
'pre-dated,' "Contract" for my signature, other than having to "coerce,"
"intimidate," "trick," and "threaten," me to get my signature! In
actuality, I had no idea, whatsoever, that, I had been "arrested," until two
days, later, when I read it in our local newspaper's "Police Blog!"
     This goes without saying, that, I was not presented with my "Miranda
Rights," which is a form of an "Oral Contract," which is all about an
"Official Performance," declaring the "Completion of Service," and an
"Acceptance" to an "Agreement to Perform."
     In short, this, 'pre-dated,' "Traffic Citation" was a, grossly,
inappropriate form for a "Contract to Arrest for the Public Welfare &
Safety" another "Contract," " as was his inappropriate "police force,"
another "Contract," used to get my signature on this "Contract." It was, by
all measures, and means, a "failure to serve proper notice" of my "Due
Process;" another "Contract," and "Equal Protection," yet, another
     A much larger "Contract" exists, which trumps, nearly, all other
"Contracts," is our "Constitutional Bill of Rights." A "Contract," which
trumps the "Constitutional Bill of Rights," are our "Inalienable Rights
Contract," and the "Natural Rights Contract" trumps the "Contract" of
"Inalienable Rights!"

     The importance of this exercise, is my invitation to you, to become
more 'knowledgeable' of these "Contracts," and to understand, that, one
"Contract" is, always, controlled by another. AND; when any "Contract,"
within the framework of our "Contract of Inalienable Rights," is declared
"Invalid;" including the "Constitutional Contractuals" due to "infractions,"
"indiscretions," "inappropriate State, and police power," "judicial powers,"
"influence," "interloping & intrusion of separate powers," "denial of proper
service," "recklessness," or "neglect," these "Contracts" become abrogations
of the larger "Contracts," particularly, when these "Contracts" fail to
"serve," and "protect," the "Spirit," and "Intentions," of the "greater
good," and are, thus, "Null & Void," "Unenforceable," and deserve
"restitution," and "compensation," for the "damages & injuries," imposed
upon the "defendant," that, these "Breach(s) of Contracts" have caused!

     For a closer look, and inspection, of the "Contracts," which may prove
important to you, please click on the following link. You will be amazed,
at the numbers of "Contracts" humanity has constructed over time! Pay close
attention to who authored them, and why!


Cheers & All the Best!


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