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From: Marcin Cimala <marcin_at_meteoritecentral.com>
Date: Sat, 27 Jul 2013 09:53:38 +0200
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Some specimens ending on eBay tonight at midnight european time and 2PM US

Meteorite SAHARA 97105 [EH3] Super Rare Enstatite chondrite from Sahara
Meteorite SAU001 [L4/5] famous Oman chondrite 19.46g COMPLETE
Meteorite NWA 7854 [EUCRITE] polished endpiece 2.90g NEW
Meteorite NWA 4967 [CO3.2] fresh carbonaceous slice 1.91g Rare
Meteorite NWA 4965 [DIOGENITE] part slice 1.43g RARE TYPE
Meteorite NWA 869 [L4-6] ORIENTED 7.79g ORIENTED !
Meteorite MONZE [L6] only FALL from ZAMBIA slice 1.21g
Meteorite ZAKLODZIE [Primitive Enstatite Achondrite] slice with crust 0.287g
Meteorite SANTA CATHARINA [IAB-ung] historic meteorite from BRAZIL 2.76g
Meteorite NWA 5507 [L3.2] fresh endpiece with big chondrules 4.51g LOOK
Meteorite NWA 7160 [LL3.7] NEW chondrite from Morocco 1.40g NEW
Meteorite TAMDAKHT [H5] observed fall - slice 5.58g
Meteorite BENGUERIR [LL6] fresh OBSERVED fall from Morocco 2.00g
Meteorite SEYMCHAN [pallasite] from Russia TRANSPARENT slice 0.39g
Meteorite CAMEL DONGA [EUC] Australia achondrite endpiece 0.911g
Meteorite GEBEL KAMIL [IRON-ungr] etched full slice 26.6g WOW
Meteorite NWA 6257 [L3.2] polished slice 3.66g NEW
Meteorite NWA 6258 [EL imb] unusual enstatite chondrite melt breccia 1.40g
Meteorite DENSMORE 1879 [L6] OLD HISTORIC from USA 3.17g
Meteorite NWA 5498 [H4] chondrite 24.26g HUGE ENDPIECE
Meteorite ITQIY [EH7-an] ultra rare anom. enstatite chondrite 0.168g
Meteorite NWA 4969 [Brachinite] fresh slice 0.665g Rare
Meteorite NWA 5499 [PAL] desert Pallasite endpiece 3.31g
Meteorite D'ORBIGNY [Angrite] fragment 0.04g !RARE!

GOLD 77th Anniversary of the LOWICZ meteorite shower - LIMITED EDITION 25
New Coin - 140th Anniversary of the PULTUSK meteorite shower - 2008
New Coin - 77th Anniversary of the LOWICZ meteorite shower - number 18/100
SILVER 77th Anniversary of the LOWICZ meteorite shower - LIMITED EDITION 25


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