[meteorite-list] It may look serpentinite from Mars?

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Hello Richard. In 2009, the Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter device found in the Nili Fossae (and in the other two areas) deposits of the mineral serpentine, ie a large number of rocks exposed Serpentinization, water changes as you rightly pointed out. Many breeds of Mars have their analogues in the world: for example chassagnite it dunite. I wanted to know if we have the analogues of possible serpentinite, how can they look (need photos in the first place in the context of stone). On the Internet a lot of pictures of serpentinite, they are all different, some mineral pattern on the thin section might fit the Martian I still find it difficult to answer. All the same, thank you for your reply.

Hello Alek!
If serpentine, then aqueous alteration is definitely.
Richard Montgomery

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> Hello List!
> I apologize for the bad English. I've been studying (not professional)
> rocks of
> Mars. In addition to the five types of rocks from Mars that fell onto
> Earth as
> meteorites, scientists have discovered deposits of the mineral
> If you
> enter the name "serpentinite" in the search Google images is a lot of
> pictures, this
> breed is very diverse. But how could look serpentinite, if he fell to
> as a
> meteorite? It has long been engaged in the search of meteorites and
> not
> want to walk past if a meteorite is possible. If anyone has suggestions
> about
> what kind would have this breed, please send us the links, I would be
> grateful! (I still like this picture here -
> http://savepic.org/4222351.jpg)
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> Yours faithfully.
> Aleksandr.
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