[meteorite-list] Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds and Bernd in the Sky with "Hilda" :-)

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Date: Mon, 29 Jul 2013 22:05:32 +0200
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Dear Bernd,
congratulations to this great honor !
It is a well-deserved honor for your longtime passion and dedication.
I can very well imagine how much this must mean to you.
It's truly the most beautiful present for someone like you!
Best wishes

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 Betreff: [meteorite-list] Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds and Bernd in the Sky with "Hilda" :-)
 Datum: Mon, 29 Jul 2013 20:21:07 +0200
Hello List,
 Can you imagine my surprise when Rob Matson emailed me and told me
 that I would be honored with something very special for my birthday last
 May 12. He had done a bit of pre-planning regarding the wording of the
 citation and had got the help from a few people notably Dorothy Norton,
 John Kashuba, Bob and Moni Verish ? all of whom (including Rob Matson
 himself, of course!) I want to thank very, very much.
 I am truly honored to be wandering among the stars while still roaming
 terrestrial fields! I am deeply touched to orbit the Sun together with such
 celebrities as our late O.R. Norton [(163800) Richardnorton], his wife
 Dorothy Norton [(149243) Dorothynorton = 2002 RL239], my late friend
 Jim Kriegh [149244 Kriegh], alongside our esteemed Geoff Notkin [(132904)
 Notkin = 2002 RB237], just to name a few.
 The minor planet (247553) 2002 RV234 is a member of the Hilda family.
 Hildas are in a 3:2 orbital resonance with Jupiter, i.e. they complete 3
 orbits for every two Jovian orbits. They have dark surfaces, are rich in
 organics and contain water. CI and CM meteorites are believed to originate
 in these types of asteroids.
 My little asteroid is about 6.5 km in diameter, and, assuming an average
 density of 2.1 g/cm^3 for CI/CM chondrites, this would amount to a mass
 of about 3 x 10^11 metric tons (300 billion metric tons).
 Most of this detailed info was provided by Rob Matson!
 Here is the PDF-link to the Minor Planet Circular:
 Just enter my family name and you?ll find me at the top
 of the second column of page 231 of that Circular.
 Thank you very much for this
 honor bestowed on me,
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