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Date: Mon, 6 May 2013 00:23:14 -0700
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With the caveat that a "crop sensor" (APS-C) provides magnification
over the effective full-frame lens rating. So if a lens is 1:1 at
35mm on the Canon APS-C sensor it'll effectively be 1.6:1

I'd rather have less pixel density on the same size sensor (lower
megapixels) to get better low-light performance and sharper imaging
(for technical reasons beyond the scope of this reply that you may
read thousands upon thousands of pages of on the Interwebz).

The "OMG megapixels!" thing is largely just marketing scam these days.

Agreed on the lens thing. I have single pieces of glass worth more
than all my camera bodies combined.

(In the interest of full disclosure, I haven't been a Nikon fan since
the film days. I shoot the Canon 20Da, 50D, 5DmkII, and the 7D - the
5DmkII is a full frame camera, the rest are crop-sensors)

--- Jodie

Sunday, May 5, 2013, 10:51:14 PM, you wrote:

> Greg, List,

>> the megapixel capability is something I should consider...

> On the question of choosing a digital interchangeable
> lens camera, the comparison that comes to mind is with
> film cameras. 35mm film (which most would consider
> the standard for comparison) is roughly the equivalent
> of 14+ megapixels, so if you want a digital as "good" as
> the best 35mm camera, 16mp is the minimum you
> should aim for.

> The sensors in digital cameras are not as large as a
> frame of 35mm film. The largest (and most expensive)
> digital sensors are about the APS film size. (APS is
> the Advanced Photo System introduced by Kodak just
> as film was dying for good.) It's 2/3rds the size of a
> 35mm frame.

> Nikon DX, Pentax and Sony use an APS-C sensor of
> 23.6mm x 15.7mm. Canon uses a smaller 22.2mm
> x 14.8mm APS-C sensor and a larger APS-H sensor
> that's 28.7mm x 19mm (with a good-sized price jump
> between them; you won't have any trouble telling
> them apart). Both Nikon and Canon (and Sony and
> Samsung) have brought out cameras with 20 to 24
> megapixels (and larger sensors).

> And, paradoxically, once you start, you will end up
> spending far more on lenses than you do on cameras.
> The last "system" camera I bought was chosen for
> value, but I now have nine lenses for it, most of which
> cost more than the camera, and I am even now
> counting up my pennies for the next lens... (It may
> be a disease.)

> Enjoy your jump into the Money Pit.

> Sterling K. Webb
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> Hello All,

> I am starting to look for a DSLR camera for studio photography of
> meteorites, minerals and similar. I figured the best source for opinions
> would be here so anyone with experience in this I would appreciate your
> suggestions. I am looking for something that has the best quality for
> price
> but want to consider all possibilities regardless of cost so I can
> improve
> my images. I will also like suggestions on different lens options to go
> from
> macro to ??mm so I can get microscopic depth along with stand back and
> photo
> a large meteorite if needed without changing lenses. As I read a little
> today, the megapixel capability is something I should consider.

> Thank you in advance on whatever info and suggestions you can provide!

> Best Regards,
> Greg

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