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Date: Wed, 08 May 2013 14:48:50 -0700
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So sorry,
        You are very mistaken,
        The real power is the 400 individuals who's wealth equals that of
The lower 150,000,000 Americans - the top 7% of wealthy have more
Than the lower 93%.
        These power elite finance Republican office holders and extravagant
Lobbyists. The entire point of which is to insure the taxes of the Uper-rich
Do not increase even 1/2 of 1%. The math is simple - they can afford vast
Financing of the above cheaper than to pay even 1/2 of 1% more taxes - not
To mention being SURE that the REAL leaches - bug businesses they own
maintain sufficient loopholes to insure zero taxes.
        When Reagan was governor of CA he released his tax returns. He paid
ZERO taxes - and it was all legal.
        The concentrated wealth will always be the real controllers unless,
and it is most unlikely, the population wakes up. They maintain Fox and
other vast resources of media to be sure that never happens and to keep the
Masses fighting straw dogs (like welfare and immigration) while the HUGEST
Percentage of our tax dollars go to a military larger than the combined
militaries of the next 17 most powerful nations in the world. (are we safe?)
        Who is selling the hardware to the military - those same wealthiest
        Arguing about anything else is playing into their hands.
        Watch out for the drones.

On 5/7/13 8:55 AM, "Jodie Reynolds" <spacerocks at spaceballoon.org> wrote:

> Hello Martin,
>> First of all, Adam,
>> I noticed, watchin my nieces&nephew, that the U.S.-educational system
>> attaches importance to impart patriotism.
> Just the opposite. Our current educational system is intended to
> indoctrinate Socialism to as wide an extent as possible.
>> Adam, isn't paying taxes an act of patriotism?
> No. In fact: the tipping-point for the founding of our country was
> the protest of excessive taxation and taxation without representation.
> Our system of taxation is armed thugs pointing a gun at your head and
> demanding one pay the "protection fees" or suffer the consequences.
> Those "fees" go into supporting the purchase of more power and more
> leverage - the remainder goes to support the half of the country that
> doesn't have to pay taxes, the intent of course being to buy those
> votes thereby insuring the continuation of the reign of terror, and
> the increase of burden assumed by the producers to support the
> leeches.
> Right now, we're only required to collect sales tax for states where
> we have a physical presence. In our case, five states. With the new
> system, we'd be required to completely change the business rules in
> our systems, and assume the burden of having to distribute those
> funds which is a tremendous expense in accounting.
> The upshot is that everything in our catalog will go up by 10% to the
> end-user to cover the increased overhead.
> [Our attorney assures me I couldn't get away with instituting a
> big-government support test and adjusting the end-user prices based
> on that, so everyone has to pay.]
> The idea behind state taxes being collectable in that state and not
> outside of it was to prevent the Stupid of individual states from
> splattering into less stupid states. The King of Stupid has other
> ideas, however, and once they started dumping on the Tenth Amendment
> to the Constitution of the United States, they just haven't stopped.
>> Germany:
> Yeah, my grandmother sacrificed everything to escape, my mom in
> swaddling, because America promised something better. Sucker!
> --- Jodie
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