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From: Larry Atkins <thetoprok_at_meteoritecentral.com>
Date: Thu, 9 May 2013 13:16:55 -0400 (EDT)
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 Hello List,

As most of you have heard by now the wittnessed fireball from June 1998
over Casa Grande Arizona has (likely) been found. This is a must have
meteorite for any serious collector of witnessed falls. The
significance is not just that it's an observed fall, (most likely), but
the manner in which it was recovered, using the newest tool, Doplar
radar. This new advancment has made it possible to locate meteorite
falls from years past, truly an incredible move forward for us in the
meteorite recovery community and all the other scientists and
collectors that will benefit from the technique as well.

Thousands of hours of hunting the Stanfield meteorite (provisional)
have resulted in 30 recorded stones total, 9 of which I'm in posession
of and need to sell now. Previous Stanfield stones have sold for $50/g
and under. I'd like to get $50/g but I know times are tight for most of
us. These stones will be sold for the best offer. No reasonable offers
refused. Don't be shy, if you want one, buy one. Just make a fair offer
and it's yours.

These historic stones all have dark black fusion crust and show well.

 Email me off list for pictures of the ones that interest you.

Sta 019 89.3g 95% Complete shield shaped stone with froth on the back.
A stunning meteorite, simply gorgeous!

Sta 021 10.3g 100% Complete stone

Sta 024 17.6g 100% Complete stone

Sta 025 27.8g 99% Crusted

Sta 026 16.3g 99% Crusted

Sta 027 23.8g 100%, Crusted, Cool shape

Sta 028 26.2g 99% Crusted with small scoop

Sta 029 30.1g 100% Awesome Stone

Sta 030 64.0g ~80% Crusted Very Nice!

Thanks for your interest.

Larry Atkins
IMCA # 1941
Received on Thu 09 May 2013 01:16:55 PM PDT

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