[meteorite-list] 1922 Blackstone VA 20-ton meteorite anyone?

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Dirk, List,

This meteor fall is discussed in "The great meteor
of May 11, 1922" by C. P. Olivier in Popular Astronomy,
Vol. 33, p.502. It can be found in:

It refers to "sensational notices that appeared in the
daily papers during the next few days." Meraning, the
usual lies that newspaper conventionally use to sell
papers. In the 1920's I mean. They never do that today.

Do they?

Interestingly, most of the dozens of references to a
20-ton meteorite falling there are in the websites of
NEWSPAPERS, who obviously research the news
through older newspapers...

Sterling K. Webb
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Dear List,

Seeing the "Today in History" headlines in several US newspapers, does
anyone have any information about the-
1922 _ 12 MAY: A 20.3-tonne/20-ton meteorite lands in a field near
Blackstone, Virginia, leaving a 46 sq m/500 sq ft hole in the ground.


I have done some digging, but no library to dig. I have found that a
large meteor was seen over North Carolina and Virginia on 11MAY1922 with
reports of broken windows and earthquake.


Dirk Ross...Tokyo

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