[meteorite-list] AD: Fresh 82g Diogenite; low price

From: Rob Lenssen <rlenssen_at_meteoritecentral.com>
Date: Wed, 15 May 2013 22:31:32 +0200
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Dear List,

I was kindly asked to clarify "Diogenite from the NWA 7464 strewnfield", as
it might be wrongly understood, in that this stone was part of NWA 7464.
This stone is NOT part of the 81 stones (ref. MetBul database) that were
classified under NWA 7464.

I acquired this stone in September 2012, so around the time the numerous
stones classified under NWA 7464 were found.
I bought it from a Moroccan dealer who I trust, and have had many correct
deals with over many years.
The dealer told me that this stone was found in the NWA 7464 strewnfield (I
have more details on this, but don't think I should mention these here).
Please correct me when I'm wrong, but although this stone was not separately
classified, based on my 21 years of meteorite collecting experience, I think
I may safely assume this stone to be a diogenite.

That's how I came to "Diogenite from the NWA 7464 strewnfield"

Sorry for the confusion,
Kind regards,
Rob Lenssen
IMCA #1681

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Onderwerp: [meteorite-list] AD: Fresh 82g Diogenite; low price

Dear List,

I decided to offer a special meteorite from my main collection for sale:
A 82g Diogenite from the NWA 7464 strewnfield.

Diogenites this large are rarely offered for sale.
As can be seen from the pictures in the links below, the stone's matrix
hardly shows any signs of corrosion. Only a little caliche. So it also looks
to be suitable for cutting.


Sides of the stone, that are not visible in the webpage:

As I bought this piece directly from Morocco, I'm able to offer it at a very
good price:
The buy-it-now price is only $19.50/gram plus the actual post office
shipping costs, and I'm willing to consider best offers even lower than

Paying in a few monthly payments is an option.

Please contact me off-list if interested.

Rob Lenssen
IMCA #1681


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