[meteorite-list] The Historic Price Trend of Mars v Moon Mets revealed (ad)

From: Kevin Kichinka <marsrox_at_meteoritecentral.com>
Date: Wed, 22 May 2013 22:04:38 -0600
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Buenos noches a todos:

Honored list-member Martin has offered for our review a dealer price
list he put together back in 2000 to help list members compare the
subsequent price DEPRECIATION of Mars v Lunar specimens.

The price drop is dramatic. But not unexpected to some.

List contributor Darryl Pitt predicted to me in the first years of
this century that the price of Lunar meteorites could fall to "around
$500 per gram".

At the time it took a check written for US$oogoogle/gm to purchase the
first DaG from the Zeitschels, a bargain compared to Bob's Calcalong
Creek, yours for a check of $ with many zeros and commas after the

Now Darryl's price seems prescient. And why not?

The moon just again got blasted by an impactor
which might even have sent some more NWA our way, and of course the
Moon is much closer to us than Mars. And the Moon has a lesser escape
velocity than Mars. "Do the math."

Or check out the data.

OK, actually, we collectors haven't yet decided a winner in this
popularity contest, because keyword here is 'depends'.

There are no historic Lunar falls. Mars 'wins' that category.

I'll even suggest that some collectors find the 'Moon in June' more
'romantic' than 'Mars at War'. And vice versa, but I'm (Marsrox)

Having prepared and offered for sale a meteorite price list since
2005, I congratulate Martin for his work, it is a list difficult to
compile and logically format.

I apologize to Martin for some skepticism though about the validity of
his list, since I wonder how rigorous his methodology was. I see many
instances of price 'ranges' where his list shows only one dealer
offering a specimen. 'Ranges' suggests at least two samples :>) And
one must also subjectively decide when an offer price is so high or so
low or the specimen so small as to be discarded as statistically

While not proclaiming myself to be the Gottfried Achenwall of
statistical discipline, if anyone not yet owning a copy of my "The
Global Meteorite Price Report - 2013" would like to verify Mars and
Lunar meteorite price trends back to 2005, a methodology I've honed
since 1995 to calculate the value of my own holdings, please deposit
$10 in Paypal at Marsrox at gmail.com and I'll send a copy of my
color-illustrated 13 -page report as an Adobe pdf email attachment
before the Earth rotates once again.

" For this edition I am reporting on the prices of 241 meteorites,
nearly triple the number first surveyed in 2005. If it's for sale by
at least two dealers, I have looked at it for inclusion. The most
historic and/or rare meteorites show price quotes even if only one
dealer has it on offer if I feel his specimen and its price are

If you?re wondering what exceptional insights I might have about
collecting meteorites, well, I wrote the book on it. I am the author
of ?The Art of Collecting Meteorites? (Bookmasters, 232 pages - for
your copy please visit www.theartofcollectingmeteorites.com. The book
is also available as an eBook at a vastly reduced price on Amazon
(Kindle) and Barnes and Noble (Nook). I wanted to promote the best of
hobbies, review the history of meteorites using a bright light, offer
curating tips, and explain current business trends to help you save
money. With contributions by O. R. Norton, David New, Robert Haag,
Bernd Pauli, Dean Bessey, Jim Hartman, Norbert Classen and Dr. Jeff
Grossman, help and inspiration from Darryl Pitt and Joel Schiff,
editing, art and lay-up by Geoff Notkin, ?The Art of Collecting
Meteorites? has become, ??a must for every meteorite collector?s
bookshelf.? - Astronomy magazine."

>From Nine Degrees North...

Kevin Kichinka
Rio del Oro, Santa Ana, Costa Rica
MARSROX at gmail.com
Received on Thu 23 May 2013 12:04:38 AM PDT

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