[meteorite-list] AD - Any Five Meteorite Micromounts for less than $30 shipped, including falls, planetaries, rare types!

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Date: Fri, 24 May 2013 18:39:15 -0400
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Hi Collectors and Listees,

Here is a screaming deal that won't last long. Due to postal rate
increases, I will not be offering this deal much longer because I just
don't make much money from it. After this weekend is over, I will be
changing the "Pick 5 Micros" deal to reflect the postage increases.
So this 5 for $30 deal is for this weekend only.

Pick 5 Micromounts (any 5 specimens listed in the "micromounts" store
category) - http://www.galactic-stone.com/product/pick-five-you-pick-any-5-meteorite-micromounts-for-30-free-ship

And, to make this deal even better, you can use the "metlist" coupon
code at checkout for an additional 20% OFF!

More Specimens :

Trinitite dust (for destructive analysis) -

Weston Micro - http://www.galactic-stone.com/product/weston--historic-first-american-meteorite-fall-1807-micromount

Sulagiri - http://www.galactic-stone.com/product/sulagiri--witnessed-fall-ll6-chondrite-from-india-2008-fresh-part-slice-653mg

Zag - http://www.galactic-stone.com/product/zag-rare-h3-6-transitional-meteorite-fall-big-fragment-937mg

Xining - http://www.galactic-stone.com/product/huangzhong-xining--chinese-meteorite-fall-feb-2012-fresh-fragment-254mg

All new specimens - http://www.galactic-stone.com/products/brand-new

Thanks for looking and have a great weekend!


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