[meteorite-list] Color-orientation described by Doell (1887), Tschermak and Rath with Mocs and Pultusk!

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Date: Tue, 28 May 2013 14:46:07 +0200
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Hi Fred, Mike, all,

that phenomenon oft he red-brownish fusion crust is already described.
Herb Raab (asteroid 3184) found that interesting article by Eduard Doell:
"Two New Criteria for the Orientation of the Meteorites",
in Jahrbuch der k. k. geol. Reichsanatalt, 37. Band, 2. Heft (1887), S.

We translate freely his quote:

"The [...] features used for orientation are: 1. seams of the rind, 2.
shape of the surface, 3. depressions on the faces,
4. small meteorites assembled on the backside along with filaments of melt
and drops. 5. flowlines 6. diversity of colour and luster of the rind."


"Vom Rath describes on the Pultusk-stones reddish-brown Rinds of an almost
metallic luster, which show no lippings.
'Over that red Melt ran a second, black and shiny one, originating from the
apex. The black melt is a product of a higher or longer lasting heat,
causing a more complete melting of the stone and especially adding a higher
amount of iron to the fusion crust.' Tschermak found on the backsides of the
stones of Mocs a brown up to copper red, lightly shiny rind."

Thank you Herbert!

The Meteorite-House-Team
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