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From: Marcin Cimala <marcin_at_meteoritecentral.com>
Date: Fri, 31 May 2013 01:27:12 +0200
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Hello List

I have 41 auctions on ebay, please take a look
They ends sunday Jun 02, 2013 15:00-17:00PM US time

Meteorite BENGUERIR [LL6] fresh OBSERVED fall from Morocco 1.74g
Meteorite CAMEL DONGA [EUC] Australia achondrite endpiece 0.899g
Meteorite DHOFAR 1658 [LL6] NEW Oman FIND 2.13g FRESH
Meteorite GAO-GUENIE [H5] Impact Melt slice 6.02g
Meteorite Impact Melt Breccia from Ries Crater in Nordlingen, Germany 40g
Meteorite MONZE [L6] only FALL from ZAMBIA slice 1.93g
Meteorite NWA 1465 unique CV3 anomalous 2.23g
Meteorite NWA 2698 [Howardite] endpiece 2.30g
Meteorite NWA 2826 [LL5] fresh amphoterite slice 4.37g
Meteorite NWA 4044 [LL6] fresh slice 2.81g THICK CRUST
Meteorite NWA 4430 [L3.8] low petrographic type 4.45g
Meteorite NWA 4436 [L4] slice mirror polished 3.20g
Meteorite NWA 4561 [EL3] enstatite BLUE CHONDRITE slice 12.2g
Meteorite NWA 4967 [CO3.2] fresh carbonaceous slice 2.02g
Meteorite NWA 4968 [Eucrite] fresh slice 0.69g Rare
Meteorite NWA 4969 [Brachinite] fresh slice 0.558g Rare
Meteorite NWA 5205 [LL3.2] excellent amphoterite 24.55g
Meteorite NWA 5498 [H4] chondrite slice 6.23g
Meteorite NWA 5499 [PAL] desert Pallasite endpiece 3.4g
Meteorite NWA 5507 [L3.2] fresh slice with crust 4.62g
Meteorite NWA 5508 [CV3] fresh carbonaceous endpiece 2.49g
Meteorite NWA 6255 [L4] fresh chondrite slice 3.96g NEW
Meteorite NWA 6257 [L3.2] polished slice 2.77g NEW
Meteorite NWA 6258 [EL imb] unusual enstatite chondrite melt breccia 1.223g
Meteorite NWA 6309 [EUC] fresh silica-rich eucrite 3.8g
Meteorite NWA 6725 [CM2] rare carbonaceous fragment 0.04g
Meteorite NWA 7490 [DIOGENITE] Johnstown like fresh 2.92g
Meteorite MUNDRABILLA big etched endpiece 61.7g Bright Etching
Meteorite MORASKO [IAB] Excellent etched endpiece 299g LOOK
Meteorite NWA 7574 [EUCRITE] polished full slice 1.14g NEW
Meteorite NWA 778 [H4] polished slice 1.53g meteorite from old times !
Meteorite NWA 869 [L4-6] 3x perfect ORIENTED specimen 8.6g
Meteorite PULTUSK [H5] FALL 1868 Poland - recent find slices 1.10g
Meteorite SAHARA 99477 [L5] Old historic meteorite from S...
Meteorite SANTA CATHARINA [IAB-ung] historic meteorite from BRAZIL 2.76g
Meteorite TAMDAKHT [H5] observed fall - slice 1.85g
Meteorite TAZA [Iron Plessite] complete specimen 6.12g
Meteorite WAGON MOUND [L6] USA 1932 historic slice 2.24g
Meteorite WHITECOURT from Canada complete specimen 12.81g
Meteorite ZAKLODZIE [Primitive Enstatite Achondrite] slice with crust 0.23g


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