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Sr. Moutinho,

Thank you for the excellent report and links. Congratulations on your aquisition.

Count Deiro
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>Thank you very much Graham!
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>Great report and recovery Andre,
>On Sat, Oct 5, 2013 at 3:15 AM, Andr? Moutinho <moutinho at bol.com.br> wrote:
>> Hello all!
>> I have arrived today from another field trip to recover the most recent
>Brazilian fall. I have solved to write this small report to let everybody
>know about this fall:
>> This very interesting fall event occurred on a small district of Vicencia
>named Borracha. Vic?ncia is a small city located about 120 km from Recife
>city, the capital of Pernambuco state in Brazil northwest. According to
>residents, Borracha interestingly received its name because it grew very
>fast stretching like rubber, that means Borracha in Portuguese.
>> Mr. Adeilson was working in front of his modest joinery in Borracha
>village on a sunny Monday day of September, 21st. At a certain moment at
>around 3:00 PM he stooped to pick up something on the the ground and
>suddenly heard a very loud noise of something that had just hit the ground
>nearby him. He did not know what had happened but soon noticed a very
>strange black rock on a small pit only about 1 meter from him (he told us he
>measured the distance from where he was and the meteorite pit with a
>measuring tape and this can be seen on some youtube videos). Mr. Adeilson
>caught the almost hammer stone that could have killed him and noticed that
>one side of the rock was still hot and the other cold.
>> Many neighbors were in front of their houses and witnessed the impact
>event noticing only the loud noise of the meteorite impact on the ground.
>As usual, nothing at impact zone was heard or seen in the air except the
>ground hit impact. One or two of them were just on the exact impact
>location very few minutes ago.
>> I had just arrived home from another hard work day on Friday 27th and read
>some Internet hot news concerning a possible new meteorite fall in Brazil.
>According to these news only a meteorite could have caused such event. I
>immediately called Dr. Elizabete Zucolotto, meteorite researcher and curator
>of the Brazilian NM. She also read the news and there was no doubt that it
>could be a meteorite fall. We had to go to that location immediately. We
>bought the flight tickets to Recife at that same night and traveled the
>following day.
>> Arriving at Recife we rented a car and headed to Vic?ncia and then to
>Borracha village. On the way from Vic?ncia city to the village we started to
>notice the mountains were covered with sugar cane and banana plantations and
>started to notice that finding more pieces of this fall could possibly be
>harder than Varre-sai. At least in Varre-sai there were some pastures to
>search. The entrance for the village is near an alcohol plant. Finding the
>village was also hard as there was no signs on the way and we had to ask to
>many people we found on the way. A lot of them were drunk and we thought
>that the sugar cane plantion were only for local usage..
>> The village is basically one road with houses on both sides and a small
>church. Interestingly the first person we have found on that village was Mr.
>Adeilson in front of his joinery that I have recognized by the videos and
>pictures. As hapenned in Varre-Sai with Mr. Germano, Mr Adeilson was already
>a famous person on that small village and had already given some interviews
>to TV channels and local radios. Fortunatelly the rock was still with him
>besides the fact that he had received many offers to sell but refused. The
>first lower offer he received was from a local resident that offered a new
>> At fall location we made video interviews with Mr. Adeilson and some
>neighbors that witnessed the fall event. It was hard even for us that are
>Portuguese native to sometime understand what Mr. Adeilson said because of
>his strong accent. We then asked him if we could see the rock. He agreed and
>lead us to his modest house nearby the joinery. Holding the stone there was
>no doubt it was a beautiful super fresh meteorite that had fallen less than
>a week ago and was recovered still hot from the ground! We took pictures and
>talked to a lot of people that were in front of Mr. Adeilson's house
>attracted by the outer space visitor notice that spread like fire. There was
>no condition to try buying the stone at that moment and we decided to leave
>Mr. Adeilson's house and headed again to the fall area to try search on
>nearby mountains covered with plantations. Also we have used the best
>effective meteorite recovery method: teaching locals to find meteorites and
>offering them a reward.
>> Another thing that must be done was trying to figure out the meteorite
>bolide direction and possible strewn field area. To accomplish this we tried
>to interview other residents further from the impact zone and to discover if
>someone had seen the bolide or heard the explosion in the air. Nobody saw
>any sign of the bolide or smoke in the air but we got some clues that some
>noise could have been heard on a nearby city. It was late that first day and
>we had to find some hotel to sleep. Surely there was no hotel on that very
>small village and we headed in the eventide to that nearby city that someone
>told people could have heard something.
>> I was driving on the way to that city and our car was suddenly hit by
>something on the Zucolotto side window making a loud noise. Zucolotto
>screamed: we have been hit! Immediately she notice some rock pieces on her
>lap and car floor. How could this have happened? I then noticed my side
>window was opened and we realized that someone, possibly from a motorcycle
>with a turned off light, tried to catapult a rock from my side window that
>was opened. Certainly to assault us! Fortunately the rock missed my face
>and smashed against Zucolotto side window. We ran like crazy to the nearby
>city and stayed there that night. Nobody heard any sound there..
>> On the following day, recovered from the scarying experience of the
>previous night, we returned to Vic?ncia and talked to the mayor of that
>city. We gave him an explanation concerning the meteorite and Zucolotto said
>she would provide the city a replica of the meteorite that had fallen in
>Borracha and also would return next month to help organizing a meteorite
>exposition on that city if we could afford to buy the meteorite from the
>owner. After talking to the mayor it was then time to return to Mr. Adeilson
>house to try buying the meteorite. Fortunately he was at home and after
>putting piles of money that maybe we would have to work years to gain and
>the promise the city would receive a meteorite replica he decided to sell me
>the meteorite. Mr. Adeilson's wife was very sick with depression and we
>really believe this gift from heaven will be of great value for them.
>> I lent the meteorite to Dr. Zucolotto, that returned to RJ that same day
>and I stayed on the field trying to find more pieces and working with
>locals. I just have called her. She has already made a thin section and also
>sent samples for microcrobe analysis. Next week she will submit it to
>> I will trade a good portion of this meteorite with NM, will keep some in
>may collection and will sell some slices. So if you are interested to have
>this amazing almost hammer meteorite on your collection please contact me
>off list (moutinho at gmail.com) and I will let you know when it will be
>available and classification.
>> Pictures and videos can be found here:
>> Regards,
>> Andre Moutinho
>> IMCA 2731
>> http://www.meteorito.com.br
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