[meteorite-list] New paid Ad program for the mailing list - starts 4/7/2014

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Well if you only use one ad per year I think what Ruben said is that every member get 2 free ads?per year. I guess Art will have to keep track of 1700 members 2 free ads per year that they use.
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So---is the "pay for an ad" thing for sure---or just talk??

I mean---What if I only post an ad like once a year???

Will I be charged??


On Mon, Mar 31, 2014 at 11:28 PM, Shawn Alan <photophlow at yahoo.com> wrote:

Ruben and Lister
>You do bring up a good point Ruben. That is a grey area and I have seen a few members do it and say look at this?new meteorite I have and when you go to there website they have items listed for sale of that new fall or meteorite. Also, I have seen members say well if you want to see a good sample of this meteorite you can look at my website and they give a link to there website which is a dealer website in meteorite posts. To me that seems like advertising. I have also seen when people are talking about thin sections and?some people say, hey if you want to see some good sample go to my dealer website. I see that happen a lot and think if ads are going to be charged on here, that also?should be constituted as an AD??What about Trades??is that an?AD or wanted post?and someone posts their website?
>One other point?I like to ask, you say less?AD will be better for dealers and list members? Well I didn't know the AD on here were a big problem. I thought the arguing and the nonsensical topics? was disrupting the website. Also $8 an?AD to the main deals is nothing, but for the ones that struggle with money?wont be able to pay that and post an AD. I guess it will be better for some dealers, because there will be less competition advertising on here.
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