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From: Anne Black <impactika_at_meteoritecentral.com>
Date: Tue, 1 Apr 2014 14:39:53 -0400 (EDT)
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Very interesting, Thank you Paul.

In conclusion, we still don't know for sure if Bob Evans is or is not
Proud Tom, however we have now learned that he does post comments on
the MPOD using other people's names. How nice!

Speaking of nice, warning! if you happen to disagree with Bob Evans you
are likely to receive this kind of email:

"Now dont you feel like a dumbass ?"
"No need to hurt your pea brain Sherlock Holmes .......... this is
coming from Romeoville as well"

"Geez, I think dirt has a higher IQ than you."
Bob Evans

Obviously I have now blocked him.

Anne M. Black
IMPACTIKA at aol.com

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Dear Zorro.
It was Paul Harvey who did "The rest of the story". And the information
you supplied is only part of the rest of the story. The foundation is
That is the IP address from which the Proud Tom comment was posted to
the MPOD and the above link details all comments that have come from
that IP address.
Below is the Who Is Internet-info link for that IP, that is to say, the
ISP for the sender:
which is located in Romeoville, IL, home of Bob Evans.
As someone pointed out earlier, this is not definitive proof. One would
need the MAC address of the actual computer that sent the email and
know who the computer belonged to. The former is sometimes available,
the latter is not.
Even with both of those data there is no way of telling if Mr. Evans
was using PT as a joke or because he is PT. So, all we are left with is
a smoking gun.
PT was before my time on the MetList but I can say with certainty that
Zorro (aka, Captain Blood) cannot possibly be Proud Tom because he does
not write well enough.
Send some pictures, please :)
Paul Swartz
IMCA 5204
> To set the scene; Anne Black said she had determined
> Without a doubt who Proud Tom is.... However, this is what
> Steve Harvey used to call, "The rest of the story:"
> "What Anne is referring to is a comment that I made on Meteorite
> Picture of the day on her picture recently. My comment was " looks
fake "
> and I signed it proud Tom.
> I left the comment to ruffle Anne's feathers in response to her
> persistent and recent claims of calling one of my mets fake.
> And I signed (it) Proud Tom because I know she despises PT."
> And there you have it.
> I can get a sward and scrape a "Z" on a wall....that doesn't
> Make me Zorro.
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