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Date: Sun, 6 Apr 2014 00:20:27 -0400
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Hi Paul,

Sounds like an interesting vacation.

On February 14th I posted detailed correspondence to the list concerning the publication of what was then an upcoming LPSC abstract on Lovina which I had instigated with Qingzhu Yin of University of California Davis. Here is the link: http://www.hou.usra.edu/meetings/lpsc2014/pdf/1434.pdf

It now seems clear Lovina is terrestrial. At the same time, in the words of several meteoriticists, Lovina is far more rare than a typical iron meteorite." Given that its elemental signature?including elemental ratios?so closely approximates that of an iron meteorite, Lovina is a fascinating link between the terrestrial and extraterrestrial. In addition, given its ziggurat (pyramidal) structure, Lovina is the single finest specimen of awaruite known, and your dad would do quite should he find more.

All the best / Darryl

On Apr 5, 2014, at 7:11 PM, Paul Gessler wrote:

> I have a question regarding the status of LOVINA?
> After the UC Berkeley study in 2011 what is the consensus regarding
> the validity of LOVINA as a meteorite???
> Has it been verified?
> Or is it disputed?
> Thanks for any input on the subject.
> Reason for asking Is My father (Nick) will be in Bali this summer and really has no desire to be a regular
> tourist and of course wants to do something meteoritic there. So at lowtide he's going to search for additional pieces
> and perhaps also beachcomb for parts of Flight 370.
> -Paul Gessler
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