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Hi David,

I stand by my conclusion. Anyone who looks at a video showing a pebble
popping out of a parachute, then concludes it was a meteoroid in dark flight
has been duped. Not necessarily by the video makers, but by their own lack
of critical thinking, or their wishful desire for it to be real when it's
obviously not. Or just by all the hype and groupthink. This kerfuffle has
been debunked by one of the guys who was actually there. If anyone wants to
believe that there is a chance it's real, it's no skin off my nose, people
believe dumber stuff.

It's a simple matter of considering the evidence, then drawing your own
conclusion. The best evidence clearly supports the rock-in-the-chute theory
by orders of magnitude over the meteoroid-in-dark-flight theory. Common

Anyone thinking clearly would have to go with this conclusion:

Phil Whitmer

Joshua Tree Earth & Space Museum


Please Phil

I think Chris' comment about "plausibly explained by the meteorite
hypothesis" does not imply that he was being duped; quite the contrary.
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And sometimes it's hard to admit you were duped. Instead of taking an
indefensible position, just admit you were hornswoggled into believing some
ridiculous hype. A lot of seemingly intelligent people bought into this dumb

Phil Whitmer

Joshua Tree Earth & Space Museum
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