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I heard a right-wing pundit describe this event as the first time
federal forces were used against civilians in the USA. Actually, the
first time was the Wounded Knee mass murder of Indians by US soldiers.
 Waco and Ruby Ridge could also be used as examples, but they were not
exactly innocent parties like the Indians were (well, Randy's infant
child who was murdered by FBI psychopath Lon Horiuichi was innocent).

That's all I have to say about it.

Was there any meteorites in the general vicinity of the Bundy Ranch?
(known strewnfields)

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On 4/14/14, wahlperry at aol.com <wahlperry at aol.com> wrote:
> Hi List,
> Some of you may have heard about the showdown on the Range here in
> Nevada. Here are a couple of pictures from the protest at the Bundy
> Ranch in April of 2014. Regardless of which side you stand on these
> pictures are definitely worth taking a look at. Truly still the Wild
> West out here.
> Sonny
> http://sonnyclaryphotography.smugmug.com/Bundy-Ranch-April-2014/
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