[meteorite-list] Lunar eclipse recap

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Date: Tue, 15 Apr 2014 18:15:15 -0600
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 We watched up until mid-totality here in southern Utah, taking an
occasional peek through my TV Ranger. I always enjoy seeing stars close to
the moon, and got a preview of what was there by blocking out the
still-bright moon with an overhanging roof beam. But I *really* enjoyed the
close proximity of Mars, it's brilliant red tint complementing the coppery
colors on Luna's blushed face. Beautiful! Watching the sky darken and fill
up with infinite stars is always fun, too. ;^)

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> Hi Rob,
> Yes, I was marveling at the sudden "appearance" of those close proximity
> stars. Here west of Vegas it was a nice night and the skies were clear
> with a great view. Definitely was worth burning the midnight oil for...!
> Best regards,
> Daniel
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> Subject: Lunar eclipse recap
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> Hi Daniel,
> The show was great from southern California. Even more impressive to me
> than the proximity of Mars was how close Spica was to the Moon -- less
> than 2 degrees to the right. So close, in fact, that it was hard to
> see Spica until the eclipse was well underway. Once the eclipse was
> total, I could also see the dim, 5.2-magnitude star HIP 66098 (76
> Virginis)
> only 0.5 degrees from the upper limb of the Moon.
> --Rob
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> Hello All,
> For those lucky enough to be able to see it, that Lunar eclipse last
> night was fantastic, plus the added bonus of a very bright Mars nearby
> made even more visible by the darkened sky...WOW!
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