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From: Mike Bandli <fuzzfoot_at_meteoritecentral.com>
Date: Thu, 24 Apr 2014 09:03:27 -0700
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Dear List Members,

Under Art's new rules, here is my first free advertisement on the year. I am
thinning out a few rare meteorite titles and have decided to sell the
complete set of all four NIPR Antarctic meteorite catalogs. I saw that a
friend sold two NIPR books here recently and it sounded like there was quite
a bit of interest in them.

These are the finest quality meteorite catalogs I have ever seen, recording
the characteristics of hundreds of individual meteorites and thin sections.
Many of which are extremely rare types and examples most of us will never be
able to see in person. If interested, please contact me off list. I am going
to work on photos/descriptions/pricing this morning and will reply to
requests in the order they are received. I would prefer to sell them as a
set of four, so I will give priority to those interested in buying all of
them as a set. If I cannot find a buyer for the set, then I will part them
out individually. Acquiring one of these can be difficult, but finding all
four "red books" took quite a bit of time and effort, so now is a great
opportunity to get them all in one swoop. They are as follows:

Yanai, K. (1979), Catalog of Yamato Meteorites in the Collection of the
National Institute of Polar Research. Tokyo: NIPR, 188 pp.
Yanai, K. (1981), Photographic Catalog of the Selected Antarctic Meteorites.
National Institute of Polar Research. Tokyo: NIPR, 104 pp.
Yanai, K. & Kojima, H. (1987), Photographic Catalog of the Antarctic
Meteorites. Tokyo: NIPR, 298 pp.
Yanai, K. & Kojima, H. (1995) Catalog of the Antarctic Meteorites. Tokyo:
NIPR, 230 pp.

I will also be selling the entire set of NIPR "blue book" meteorite
symposiums, which are of equal quality, as well as many other rare NIPR
titles. Just mention it if you are interested in some those as well.

Best wishes,


Mike Bandli
Historic Meteorites
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