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Having bought some of your top-notch material over the last couple of years,
I want to say thank you. My collection would not be the same without you.

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Dear List Members,

I have some great auctions ending this evening. I will only be running
meteorite auctions until the end of the month and then move onto other
pursuits. If all goes according to plan, my last set of meteorite auctions
will end on June 3rd. I have surpassed every goal that I set in regards to

meteorite sales, having completed around 30,000 transactions on eBay and
placing over 250,000 complete meteorites, fragments or prepared specimens
into circulation. I thank all of the collectors who made this possible.

I want to get back into the field to get much needed exercise and perhaps do
some work around my ranches instead of sitting in a chair editing images and
descriptions for eBay. One of my dreams is to be a part of the team that
finds the first North American Lunar meteorite or perhaps a sedimentary rock

from Mars. I will never reach this goal being tethered to a computer. I
may still load a few items into my store from time to time since the eBay
store can be shut down at a moments notice and doesn't require constant

Please take a look if you can spare a few moments:

Link to all auctions:

Thank you for looking and if you are bidding, good luck.

Kind Regards,

Adam Hupe
The Hupe Collection


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