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Thank you very much Jim.

I am glad you enjoy those articles, and found the time to decode that

I agree with you, I believe he means Jones, a friend of his in

What I find surprising is how things have changed in less than 80
years, particularly transportation and communication. Just imagine how
the same problem would be handled nowadays.

Again thanks.

Anne M. Black
IMPACTIKA at aol.com

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Hi List
For those of you who have seen the new issue of Meteorite Time you may
noticed that Anne in her article about the Monnig papers on the
meteorite that one note was in code only partly decoded. Here is the
rest of
that coded message.

..... in Chattanooa and had turned the matter of recovering possession
over to
an attorney. How much luck do you think then will have. Fortunately I
never did
write _ones. Do you have any further instructions in the matter.

The spelling of Chattanooga was wrong in the coded message the cipher
for "g"
was missing in the word. Also, will is will not WE'LL as I think it
should be.
But, he had not editor in his coding writing. Also, I could not
determine the letter where the _ is, which seems to be a name. Because,
"c" is
used only once as a cipher and X, Z, and Q are all available and Caps
can be
more than one cipher it seems. Jones was my guess but I leave the
answer to
someone else.

Thanks Anne it was a fun project.

Best regards, Jim Tobin

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