[meteorite-list] Prices for SouthWest Dry Lake Finds???

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Date: Tue, 20 May 2014 17:10:56 -0700
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One more thing I forgot to add. If a BLM agent in the field asks, "How much
are they worth?." The proper response would be, "The scientific value is
variable but they carry no commercial value whatsoever." You may think this
is an odd thing for me to state but on more than one occasion, our hunting
groups have been asked this very question when we stated we were looking for
meteorites. An agent in Pahrump went as far as separating our group and
asking hunters individually hopefully trying to trap somebody in to
admitting that they have or would be sold.

It is a trick to get you to say, they are worth so much a gram. The very
next question would be, "How do you know this, have you sold any?" Keep in
mind how artifact collectors are now being treated. If they cannot prove
provenance, entire collections have been confiscated recently. In other
words, the prevailing BLM wisdom is that you are, guilty until proven
innocent. Meteorites are now being treated as artifacts according to field
agents even though most carry no cultural significance whatsoever.

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