[meteorite-list] Prices for SouthWest Dry Lake Finds???

From: Jim Wooddell <jim.wooddell_at_meteoritecentral.com>
Date: Wed, 21 May 2014 10:22:32 -0700
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Hi Adam!

I totally get where you are coming from on this issue and trust me...we
are on the same side!
Soapbox ON -
I've been directly involved with the NPS and BLM on patrols on Federal
Waters. I can safely say I am not going
to have any issues with rangers over this issue. I won't own what they
think. If I do get confronted, it will not bother me much
and odds are if he/she is an ass, they will go away with more of their
day ruined. I am not one of the idiots they really have to
worry about. And have yet talked to a Ranger or BLM supervisor that
thinks these rules are reasonable or enforceable or
worth their time bothering with. Sheese, just last week we had a
fighter jet do a flyby, turn around and go sideways on us checking us

The paper was a guideline. They have denied issuing permits.

If we keep being sheep, they will continue to herd us! People have
become way to passive in regards to these federal agencies.

When someone gets arrested for selling meteorites, I hope the meteorite
community finally gets off their lazy butt and fight it.
99.9% of us hunters are doing nothing illegal or wrong, we are not
hurting the environment by any means and some of us do provide
material to science...whether it adds to a better understanding of the
cosmos or not is moot! We help provide answers, we are the boots
on the ground.

Beings how my interest is 99.9% hunting and research, they really do not
have a leg to stand on....if they push the
issue, I will push right back equally. I have no problem getting
arrested for my beliefs.

So, my bottom line is this; Their so called "rules" do not intimidate
me nor am I going to fear them. I am one that is sick and tire of
crappy BLM rules
and management if you can call what some of what they do is management
(you'd have to be as dumb as a box of rocks thinking
it is management (and that's what they count on)).
They have, as an agency, exploited and ruined more public land because
of their rules and policies than any other group of people have....ever.
On the other hand, I appreciate what a good ranger does and I really do
not mind them checking up on us in the field. I fully understand they
do have to deal
with some real idiots that trash our deserts. Most of the time they are
alone and can not monkey around when dealing with people they do not know.
With me, odds are they will go away enlightened and with a meteorite!
- Soapbox OFF

We should get together sometime and hunt, and drag Guy out so he can
find a meteorite!


> Jim, I am surprised that with all of the hunting you have engaged in
> over the years that you have not been personally involved with the BLM
> in the field. Sometimes
you run into a reasonable agent, but more than likely, you will run into
one looking exert their authority.
> Adam

Jim Wooddell
jim.wooddell at suddenlink.net
Received on Wed 21 May 2014 01:22:32 PM PDT

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