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Zelimir's post didn't make it to the List ... so, here it is:
Subject: Re: [meteorite-list] Kem Kem Meteorites - What the heck are they? (29-Mai-2014 12:36)
From: Zelimir Gabelica <zelimir.gabelica at uha.fr>
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Dear Bernd,

Hope you and Pauline are doing well!

Thanks for this info.

About 2 hours ago, I also sent Mike an answer (in "plain text" format), with copy to the MetCantralList.

Mike probably received the message (though he still can be sleeping) but I did not receive my copy as member of MetCentralList.

I don't know the reason but believe if your message could be sent perhaps you could help me by sending mine as well.

Here it is:


Hi Mike,

As you might know, Kem Kem is a wide area in South Morocco, near the Algerian border, especially explored for various fossils. Many well known markets where NWA meteorites are currently traded (Erfoud, Er Rachidia, Zagora, Taouz, Ouzina, Foum Zguid...) are located in (close to) this area that does not seem officially defined by administrative borders (though I may be wrong for this).
Here are a few links (among many others) situating the area and giving an idea of the vast desert land where obviously many meteorites are likely to exist or have been found.




Regarding NWA meteorites, I can just mention 2 of the NWAs from my collection that were nick-named "Kem Kem": NWA 052 and NWA 753.
Both are described in MetBull database and said being found in the "Kem Kem region"

Here is the short collection writeup I have added for each

1) NWA 052 (?Kem Kem?) (Morocco, L5 )(S3 W0/1 ), found 1998, tkw: 1 at 1088 g
Cut individual, 80% crust, 942.5 g.

History and scientific significance . Found in Central-South Morocco by Michel Franco who sold it under the pseudo ?Kem Kem?. Acquired from Michel Franco in 1999


2) NWA 753 (?Kem Kem? ) (?Sahara?, R3.9 )(S2 W2 ), found 2001, tkw: Many at 12.18+ kg.

Full slice, 93% crust around, 31.89 g.

History and scientific significance . Another ?Kem Kem" pseudo (see NWA 052 ), suggesting that the country could also be Morocco. Purchased in Rissani. Acquired from Ali Hmani in 2002. I then purchased another small full slice (3.73 g) of the same in 2006 from Stefan Ralew.

It is possible that these two probably correspond to the L-chondrite and R-chondrite you are mentioning.
Although my NWA 052 sample seems to be the main mass (by far), it is also possible that the other missing fragments were sold around or also that more such fragments (individuals...) were found later in the same area, or also that your l-chondrite is another meteorite from the vast Kem Kem area.

Considering the large tkw of the R3.9 and its rare type, it is quite likely that your R-chondrite is NWA 753. See the many pics shown in the database.

Hope this can help.
I guess many collectors might help you further by providing more data or anecdotes regarding meteorites found in Kem Kem region or having received received this nickname by the finders in early times when very few NWAs were officially documented.



What I forgot to mention is that these 2 Kem Kems I purchased were offered with that (provisional) name, thus before they were classified later as NWAs.

Thanks very much for this help.
My ever best wishes,
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