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A few years ago on the metobs list, some were so entrenched in "blinders only" thinking, that it was an absolute impossibility that NEOs might be related to imperfect parallel(ish) meteorite orbits that it did even merit-- a look into the possibility that asteroids and their meteoriods traveled in similar and parallel tracks. Those who even broached the possibility were declared heretics and were verbally pilloried.

Then we saw an asteroid disruption where the trailing debris field slowly difused . In just a few orbits the field would be so broad and elongated that a daughter meteoroid might intercept Earth before or after Earth crossed the NEO's orbit but it would be recognized as such because its orbit was drifting ever so slowly over decades -- perhaps as low as few feet per passage overcoming gravitational attraction, and no one would be looking for the connection

Solar winds increase separation at an increasing rate--yes in space there is a probably a sorting effect which appears to slow down smaller objects which in turn is a Delta V bringing out about a wider separation between. The reality is that in a constant stream of solar particles, large objects and small objects get the same drag over time but the large boys have more mass to resist the drag.

Now we have a paper that puts some of that idea forward.

To be vindicated in my heresy is so humbling--NOT! te he he

Carancas remains an engima only to those with blinders firmly in place. They refuse to accept that owing to the very high ground altitude, significant atmospheric drag had yet to playout normal reentry slowing, mass reduction and dynamic disruption when the the ground stepped in and caused catastrophic "in your face, all at once" disruption.


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Small Near-Earth Asteroids as a Source of Meteorites

Ji?? Borovi?ka, Pavel Spurn?, Peter Brown

(Submitted on 11 Feb 2015)

Small asteroids intersecting Earth's orbit can deliver extraterrestrial
rocks to the Earth, called meteorites. This process is accompanied by a
luminous phenomena in the atmosphere, called bolides or fireballs.
Observations of bolides provide pre-atmospheric orbits of meteorites,
physical and chemical properties of small asteroids, and the flux (i.e.
frequency of impacts) of bodies at the Earth in the centimeter to
decameter size range. In this chapter we explain the processes occurring
during the penetration of cosmic bodies through the atmosphere and
review the methods of bolide observations. We compile available data on
the fireballs associated with 22 instrumentally observed meteorite
falls. Among them are the heterogeneous falls Almahata Sitta (2008 TC3)
and Bene\v{s}ov, which revolutionized our view on the structure and
composition of small asteroids, the P\v{r}\'{\i}bram-Neuschwanstein
orbital pair, carbonaceous chondrite meteorites with orbits on the
asteroid-comet boundary, and the Chelyabinsk fall, which produced a
damaging blast wave. While most meteoroids disrupt into fragments during
atmospheric flight, the Carancas meteoroid remained nearly intact and
caused a crater-forming explosion on the ground.

Source: http://arxiv.org/abs/1502.03307

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