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From: Bigjohn Shea <bigjohnshea_at_meteoritecentral.com>
Date: Sat, 11 Apr 2015 17:21:41 +0200
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Dear Meteorite Friends,

Hope you are all well!

I am liquidating part of my collection and selling it off in smaller more affordable lots of similar material. ?A list of available specimens and lots follows below.
I do not have time to sell each individual specimen for maximum value, so I'm prepaired to take a loss to move these fast.

Many of these specimens are very hard to find. For instance, the NWA 5297 part slices are scarcely available anywhere. I bought up all of Greg Hupe's remaining pieces a number of years ago. The NWA 6291 Angrite thin section is likely the only of its kind. ?

I am open to offers here, and am motivated to sell so please make an offer if you like. ?In most cases my marked values for each lot represent a 40-50% savings below what you would likely pay were you to try and find these specimens individually.

I can send photos of the lots if anyone needs them. Please only serious inquiries. Please contact me off list.

Thank you for your time, and I hope everyone is having a great weekend!

John A. Shea
IMCA 3295

Classified Specimens:

Beni Yacoub 0.147g fragment LL4 ? Adam Bates ? gem case
Beni Yacoub 0.232g fragment LL4 ? Adam Bates ? gem case
Carancas x11 fragments = 2.95g H4-7 ? Greg Catterton ? suspension case

West Sahara 00001 1.7g L5 fragment ? Greg Hupe ? susp case
NWA 781 0.7g L6 ? none ? gem case
NWA 4727 37.6g shocked L6 end cut ? Gipo Meteorites ? bag

Mundrabilla 16.64g fragment ? no card, Gary Fujihara ? gem case
NWA 859 Taza 5.1g ? uncleaned ? Adam Bates ? gem case

Allende 2.74g CV3 fragment ? ASU, Mike Bandli ? gem case
NWA 800 0.7g R4 part slice ? Adam Bates ? gem case
NWA 1232 0.87g CO3 part slice ? David Weir ? suspension box
NWA 2999 0.604g Angrite part slice ? Greg Hupe ? gem case

NWA 5297 x12 small part slices = 1g ungrouped ? Hupe cards ? suspension case
NWA 5297 micros = 0.096g ungrouped ? Greg Hupe card ? gem case
NWA 7630 2.87g Dunitic Ureilite part slice ? Greg Hupe ? gem case

NWA 7466 3.02g Eucrite endcut ? Adam Bates ? gem case
NWA 7651 Eucrite 0.83g part slice ? Adam bates ? suspension box
Dhofar 007 x6 fragments = 0.2g Eucrite ? none, w/ specimen cards ? gem case

NWA xxxx 0.902g Probable Shergotite ? Tricottet, Mike Bandli ? gem case
NWA xxxx 0.230g Probable Shergotite ? Tricottet, Mike Bandli ? gem case

Uruaco 1.2kg IAB natural patina - Nakhla Dog - will include wooden stand

Thin Sections:
(no specimen cards available for thin sections but can provide receipts as proof of provenance if requested)

NWA 6291 Angrite (paired NWA 2999) - Greg Catterton ? lab boards

Murchison - John Sinclair - bag
Selma, AL - John Sinclair - bag
Portales Valley - John Sinclair - bag

NWA 6926 Ach Ung - Gary Fujihara ? clear case
NWA 6062 Ach Eucrite ? Mirko ? clear case

NWA 6870 CV3 - Greg Catterton - bag
NWA 6368 CV3 - Mirko ? clear case
NWA 5240 CV3 ? Mirko ? clear case
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