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Date: Fri, 17 Apr 2015 20:50:12 +0000 (UTC)
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Dear Meteorite List Members,

Thank you for this opportunity to share my passion for meteorites.
Introducing a nice variety of meteorites for sale on ebay and my website.

The name of my ebay store is :

Outer Space Rocks

You can visit the store directly by typing ( www.OuterSpaceRocks.com ) into your internet browser address bar:

There are 8 Auctions ending tonight started at only .99!

#1. Canyon Diablo

#2. Howardite NWA 8362

#3. Eucrite Breccia With Diogenitic Inclusions NWA 6288

#4. LL3.5 NWA 8366

#5. Mesosiderite NWA 6953

#6. LL4 NWA 7648

#7. Pallasite NWA 7716
#8. L Melt Rock NWA 8363

Intermittently over the next several days there are 9 more auctions not to be missed. Also started at only .99!
#1. H3.6 NWA 7123

#2. Unclassified Top Quality

#3. LL4 NWA 6080

#4. L4 NWA 6952

#5. Gabbroic Eucrite Breccia NWA 8365

#6. Alamo Impact Breccia With Shocked Quartz

#7. Tissint Martian (Personally Recovered on Expedition)

#8. L5 NWA 6951
#9. LL4 NWA 7192


I have posted five NEW Officially Classified Meteorites of extreme rarity! These Meteorites are super Low in TKW while also fresh, representing a exciting opportunity for a few lucky collectors.
Martian Microgabbroic Shergottite Meteorite Main Mass (NWA 8637)
Only Available Specimen 3.23 grams
This is a very unique Shergottite that is similar to only two other known discoveries with a combined weight for all three of less than 150 grams. There can be only one lucky owner, I'm not cutting this meteorite.
Eucrite (FRESH)(NWA 8675)
Shares close similarities with Stannern Trend Types!
All specimens are polished complete slices with fusion crust.

Ureilite (NWA 8669) Only 3 specimens available, two complete slices and the main mass. A must see! Fascinating and Spectacular, sharing similarities with Almahatta Sitta to the extent that NWA 8669 has also experienced recrystallization of olivine and pyroxene with partial melting showing multiple distinct lithologies including carbonaceous and chondritic! In addition NWA 8669 has the highest shock value for the Ureilite class. If there were such terminology as Ureilite Melt Rock this would be it, however the actual terminology we use is Polymict Ureilite which also accounts for the melted mixed composition. This Ureilite experienced such high degree of shock that the Diamonds were vaporized making it easy to slice through this meteorite which is unheard of for Ureilites! But wait, as if that was not interesting enough, NWA 8669 is also one of the Oldest Ureilite Meteorites to be discovered as evidence shows it's been sitting around on planet Earth for a very long time, many tens of thousands of years at lea
st! That's why I call NWA 8669 the "Extreme Example" for the Ureilite class. Not to be confused with one of the most famous meteorite of all time NWA 869, please add an extra 6 to the name giving this meteorite the easy to remember name of (NWA 8669)

CK5 (NWA 8672) Karoonda Type 5 Carbonaceous Chondrite
Fresh with a low TKW
Part slices and Complete slices available.
These are priced by weight not by features such as CAI's Inclusions and Chondrules. "The early bird will own the best specimens"

CK6 (NWA 8670) Karoonda Type 6 Carbonaceous Chondrite
Fresh with a low TKW
Only Complete slices are available.
Extremely rare type sharing the classification with only 27 other official CK6 meteorites!

Don't use ebay? That's OK I have the best of the best dual listed.

Certain meteorites are available for purchase directly from my website at a slightly discounted price. If I don't have to pay additional fees, neither do you. Want to see more pictures? View NWA 8637, NWA 8669, NWA 8670, NWA 8672, and NWA 8675 on my website ( www.NWAMETEORITE.com )

There you will see these meteorites, every available and sold piece after cutting, polishing and classification. Enjoy images of meteorites, expertly sliced by myself, like a loaf of bread!

A word on provenance. All meteorites offered have been secured responsibly with chain of ownership that can easily be corroborated back to the finder and places of discovery. The classifications have been designated by the World Class Collaborative team of Dr. Tony Irving & Dr. Scott Kuehner and company at the renowned University of Washington laboratory. You can bid with confidence that you are buying from a reputable, established professional who chooses to go the extra mile for you, striving to provide you with the best experience possible. I work very hard to create lasting value for your collection. Your purchase will go towards new discoveries and have to date, greatly contributed to a higher understanding and representation in the field of meteoritics. Because I deal in a socially responsible and culturally conscious manner you can be sure the overall net effect of purchasing meteorites from me is a positive one for the finders of these meteorites and the communities they reside in. Thank you for coll
ecting meteorites and for this opportunity to serve you!

Sincerely best regards,

John Higgins
Meteoritical Society member #5469

IMCA member #9822
http://stores.ebay.com/Outer-Space-RocksEstablished since the year 2000 with ebay ID: meteoritehunting
Please visit my store and be sure to add me to your list of favorite ebay sellers.


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