[meteorite-list] Ad - Auctions ending - Atacamaite, Brahin, Diablo, Miles, Peekskill, Whitecourt, Jilin, Dooling and more

From: Rob Wesel <nakhladog_at_meteoritecentral.com>
Date: Sun, 4 Jan 2015 13:07:44 -0800
Message-ID: <14D4EE701FBF494A9ADCEB9894D3811A_at_RobOffice>

Hello All

I have another run of auctions coming to a close, still some good buys in
the mix


And my 13 year old son Logan has caught the bug, at least the commerce side
if it, see his Atacamaite at


He's getting the material through me for now, until he scores some deals of
his own, but I charge him cost + 10% on anything he gets from me. They're
his and I work him like a rented mule for the allowance he earns. I oversee
that proper identification, description, citation, ID cards and shipping
take place. So don't fear the Nakhla Pup and his feedback of (2), your
purchases are being looked after.

Rob Wesel
Nakhla Dog Meteorites
We are the music makers...
and we are the dreamers of the dreams.
Willy Wonka, 1971
Received on Sun 04 Jan 2015 04:07:44 PM PST

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