[meteorite-list] Question about Norites - Lunar and Diogenite

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Hi Mike and List,

NWA 773 (and all of its pairings, including my NWA 7007) can be seen on
Randy Korotev's lunar meteorite web site. This clan of lunaites is far more
complex than originally thought before all of the [launch-paired] meteorites
were discovered... http://meteorites.wustl.edu/lunar/stones/nwa0773.htm

There are quite a few abstracts published on these, especially a lot of work
performed on NWA 7007 at Washington University in St. Louis... For example:

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Hi List,

I was looking at Norites recently, and I came across the only
lunar-origin Norite, the lunaite NWA 773. I had no knowledge of NWA
773 prior to stumbling across it's Noritic connection.

The visual similarities between lunar norite and Vestan norite are
apparent. I am assuming the major differences are noted in chemistry.
Do lunar and Vestan norites share any other characteristics that might
blur the line between their respective parent bodies? In other words,
are these two types of norites so closely related that their may be
some room for reconsideration when it comes to their parent body
origins? (i.e., possible they came from the same body, or a noritic
body impact on the parent, etc)

Best regards,


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