[meteorite-list] AD: Thin Sections, Agoudal etched and indiv. pieces, hungarian new Chondrite Csatalja, etc

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Date: Sat, 10 Jan 2015 08:20:34 +0100
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Ending on E-Bay on Weekend

Quality and rare, historic Thin Sections:
Mez?-Madaras L3.7 fallen from 1852, old Hungary (Emoerior Monarch), University provenance 190USD

Murchison CM2, Australia 99 USD

Allende CV3, Mexico, 1969 49USD

Korra Korrabes H3, Namibia 29 USD

Suvasvesi-S imapctit, shocked crystalls, Finland 17 USD

Azuara, impactite, Spain 19 USD

Agoudal IIAB iron meteorites
Induviduals from 15USD

Etched pieces, Neuman-Lines, kamacite clouds, screibersite pattern from 17USD

Big and nice UNWA chondrite slice 35 USD

Meteorite Collector Box acrylic holders 39USD/pair

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Newst hungarian chondrite from 2012 its name is CS?TALJA H4-5 S2/4 W1 chondrite slices from 60USD-1600USD + Thin Sections also
Scientist has found into is Ringwoodite and very rare highly shocked mineral: Akimotoite (just 6 meteorites contents Akimotoite)
Just here on the Market!

1.3 kg L chondrite unclassified 800 USD in PM

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Zsolt Zsolt Kereszty
Received on Sat 10 Jan 2015 02:20:34 AM PST

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