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Date: Mon, 12 Jan 2015 09:44:44 +0100
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>> From: drtanuki<drtanuki at yahoo.com>
>> List,
>> A 2-KM-Wide Impact Crater Discovered in
>> Antarticahttp://lunarmeteoritehunters.blogspot.jp/2015/01/antarctic-ice-impact-crater-2015-report.html
>> Dirk Ross...Tokyo

> You'd think they'd come up with some better pictures before going to press,
> but no, just one far away shot in a 2 minute video of them talking about it.
> - YW

There is an aerial photograph here:


Not the best image to get an idea of the structure, but what makes me somewhat
cautious is that it seems to be polygonal rather than circular. With polygonal
structures, I am thinking: frost action (on a giant scale). It is Antarctica
after all.

The same link above mentions that it might be visible on satellite images from
25 yrs ago. If true, it is not connected to the inferred 2004 event.

- Marco

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