[meteorite-list] Earth can contaminate alien meteorites quickly, study shows

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That's not news!

I remember Dolores Hill of the University of Arizona, Tucson, telling
me that days after the Sutter Mill's fell, and while I was selecting
the right piece to make thin-sections. Then she helped me acquire the
right fragment from Michael Farmer, one of the very first fragment to
be picked up.

Anne M. Black
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Hello Listers

Does anyone have an Alien meteorite for trade :)

Shawn Alan
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Earth can contaminate alien meteorites quickly, study shows

A team of scientists has published the results of an investigative
survey into the Sutter's Mill meteorite that landed in California in

The results reveal that the meteorite contained a number of features
associated with minerals such as olivines, phyllosilicates, carbonates,
and possibly pyroxenes, as well as organics.


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