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Hi Bulletin Watchers,

There is one new approval. I find it curious. It is an old Sahara OC
found by Mr. Labenne fifteen years ago (2000). Crystylynda Fudge was
the classifier. I have never heard this name before. I am just curious
why this meteorite suddenly appeared out of obscurity to be approved

Best regards and Happy Huntings,


Link : http://www.lpi.usra.edu/meteor/metbull.php?code=61360

Bulletin write-up :

Sahara 00293
Found: 2000
Classification: Ordinary chondrite (L6)

History: Reportedly collected in the same location as Sahara 98222.

Physical characteristics: Chondrules largely integrated into matrix,
difficult to discern in cut section. Abundant shock-induced melt veins
and pockets.

Petrography: Fine-grained recrystallized plagioclase throughout
matrix, some grains up to 200 ?m. Abundant metal sulfides and troilite
with trace native Cu. Evidence of minor planar deformation features in
olivine. Ubiquitous opaque shock melt veins and associated dark blue
ringwoodite and green wadsleyite.

Geochemistry: (C. Fudge, ASU) EPMA: Fa24.8?0.1 FeO/MnO: 48.8?1.6 n=11;
low-Ca pyroxene Fs20.9?0.3Wo1.6?0.2 FeO/MnO: 28.6?1.1 n=12; high-Ca
pyroxene Fs8.4?0.2Wo44.4?0.1 FeO/MnO: 20.8?1.2 n=2

Classification: Ordinary chondrite L6, S6, W2

Specimens: 27.05 g and one thin section at ASU

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