[meteorite-list] Middle school students lobbying Kansas lawmakers to declare official state rock

From: Mendy Ouzillou <mendy.ouzillou_at_meteoritecentral.com>
Date: Wed, 28 Jan 2015 08:02:14 -0800
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I'm just probably a "meanie", but I think this effort is misguided
though certainly better than making the state rock "limestone". The
children calculated that somehow, Kansas has more meteorites per
square mile (not sure if finds, falls, or hits) than anywhere else in
the US (if finds then sorry Arizona and Nevada). I am happy to see
that calculations were done though disappointed that their teacher did
not better guide their efforts. Finally, the picture in the article is
clearly of a beautiful Sikhote Alin. I wonder how well that will go
over with the state legislators. Maybe Cabin Creek would have been a
better choice. :-)


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> Hello Listers
> I hope it passes be cool for Kansas have a meteorite for a state rock :)
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> SHAWNEE, Kan. ? A group of local middle school students are lobbying
> to change state history. The students with Monticello Trails Middle
> School, which is part of the De Soto School District, are headed to
> Topeka to argue for an official state rock.
> Chris Sprenger, an 8th grade student at the school, is determined to
> make the meteorite the official Kansas state rock.
> ?The meteorite really has a connection with Kansas that it really
> doesn?t have with any of the other states in the U.S.,? Sprenger
> said.
> Sprenger and more than 100 other students in the district pitched the
> bill to Representative Brett Hildabrand.
> Lobbying for a state rock has challenged the students across the board.
> In social studies they?ve learned how bills are passed, in science
> they?ve learned about geology and rocks and in communication arts
> they?ve spent hours working on their proposal essays.
> source:http://fox4kc.com/2015/01/27/middle-school-students-lobbying-kansas-lawmakers-to-declare-official-state-rock/
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