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A girl scout troop did this for Colorado, opting for the famous Yule Marble.
See here


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>Hello Listers
>I hope it passes be cool for Kansas have a meteorite for a state rock
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>SHAWNEE, Kan. ? A group of local middle school students are lobbying
>to change state history. The students with Monticello Trails Middle
>School, which is part of the De Soto School District, are headed to
>Topeka to argue for an official state rock.
>Chris Sprenger, an 8th grade student at the school, is determined to
>make the meteorite the official Kansas state rock.
>?The meteorite really has a connection with Kansas that it really
>doesn?t have with any of the other states in the U.S.,? Sprenger
>Sprenger and more than 100 other students in the district pitched the
>bill to Representative Brett Hildabrand.
>Lobbying for a state rock has challenged the students across the board.
>In social studies they?ve learned how bills are passed, in science
>they?ve learned about geology and rocks and in communication arts
>they?ve spent hours working on their proposal essays.
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